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  1. For simplicity sake, I’ll extend the dates of this thread to the 20th as it appears there may be a significant severe weather event on that day.
  2. Really impressive parameters through the slight risk... again, not something you’d expect from mid-August.
  3. The supercell behind it has one hell of an RFD. Let’s see if the inflow can meet up. Edit: apparently there’s already a tornado on the ground. Interesting.
  4. The supercell is cycling and the old hook is now producing a north moving tornado and it looks like we have a debris ball
  5. Didn’t last too long. Interesting how each region east of the Rockies has its own supercell ‘look’. This is definitely a Plains-esque supercell... very large with lots of precip. Also look at 2013 Moore and 2013 El Reno. The lower MW/OV has its own... basically a smaller version of the Plains and the Dayton tornado this year and the 1974 Xenia tornado was probably the most Plains-like supercells we get. The east coast/northeast usually has even smaller but certainly can have Midwest-like supercells... probably like that Worchester, MA EF5 almost 70 years ago.
  6. Some very well defined supercells in Kansas tonight in an exceptionally favorable environment
  7. Got an anticyclonic supercell interacting with a regular supercell. All of the sudden it goes tornado warned
  8. Supercell riding just east of an outflow boundary. Worth watching. Also an anticyclonic supercell to the west.
  9. Supercell NW of Columbus Parameters in the slight risk are getting high
  10. Significant severe weather is expected over at least the next 3 days. Today and tomorrow in the Plains, then working east into Kansas and Missouri. Conditions may be favorable for severe weather even further east than that.
  11. You can definitely see the MCS developing now. Really need it to move east-southeast in order to hit SW OH which I just don’t see happening.
  12. Finally starting to see the parameters being reflected. This supercell managed to get ahead of the developing line
  13. HRRR has the MCS developing and turning right a bit and staying southwest of SW OH. There’s a northwest-southeast instability gradient that probably won’t relax enough to get the MCS into SW OH... so I’m feeling a bit pessimistic. I think the further south initial development screwed us over too.
  14. Aside from the newly tornado warned cell, there’s a few other areas of rotation to the east. Their reflectivity doesn’t look that impressive.
  15. Yeah like I said (which I probably posted while you were writing this), seems the storms are interfering with each other and slowing individual storm development.
  16. Environment is really ripe for tornadoes but it looks like there are so many storms that they’re interfering with each other and killing their own potential. At least for now.
  17. It appears this line of storms is it. No more 10% hatched
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