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  1. Yeah hoping these miss me to my south... looks like its taking more of a south component than east
  2. Just absurd right now. Environment is primed
  3. First supercell has really ramped up again in last minute or two.. likely new tornado on the ground with it. Heed warnings
  4. Radar sigs looking more intense on second supercell..just north of dayton.. First supercell may be cycling up again Unreal activity. If no mcs may change things for my area tomorrow.
  5. People need to stay sheltered until that second supercell passes..info unlikely reaching folks that took damage in the first
  6. Second tornado warning for dayton metro area.. that second supercell still broad rotation but seems to be tightening. Over similar track. Hoping for not a worst scenario.
  7. Broad rotation still on northwest of dayton storm.. but given the last must be taking very seriously. Same general track.
  8. Yeah that was beastly. Still is. Very strong signals of a violent tornado. Hoping for no injuries/fatalities
  9. And if it isn't enough second supercell getting that look northwest of dayton Very similar path
  10. Hate saying long track without confirmation. But this thing has the signals it could/can be. Very scary path as well
  11. Thing is still ongoing. Violent violent radar sigs on this thing
  12. don't see too many tornado emergencies. nothing really stoping this thing except for a cycle down..
  13. wow. this thing is violent. To everyone in and around dayton. Please be in a safe place.
  14. seems like we area ramping up again, multiple tornado warnings. parameters support.
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