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  1. 1.5" snow depth, very cold with the wind. Winds up to mid-20's.
  2. Just started 'puking' snow. Hopefully it keeps up.
  3. Accuweather moved me up a smidge, from 3-6" tonight to 4-8"
  4. Accuweather has my area pegged as 3-6" from 'squalls' all day.
  5. I hear it is snowing 'snow globe' like from my GF back home. I'm back in SW CT for a couple days and it's 42 with very bright sun.
  6. I think the real problem is that we still don't know how to distill certain concepts to a formula that is guaranteed to work for every scenario. The problem with weather in general is that there are a tremendous amount of factors and likely some we can't consider or quantify yet, not to mention how those interactions are going to be modeled and formulated. We've gotten a lot better and large amounts of computational power has helped, but the real progress is in the evolution of computer models as a whole, as well as improved data sources. Even 'straight-forward' concepts in software development can produce odd results with odd or bad data. - 14 year software developer.
  7. If all you read are models, then yeah, it might get old quickly. A model is a tool, not a Fortune Teller globe. You use that tool along with other information to build the best guess that you can. Or I mean, you could give up on computer models and go back to the Farmer's Almanac for long-term forecasting.
  8. No snow. Then 5 minutes later, ALL THE SNOW. Snowing pretty hard right now but not very much, if any last night.
  9. Given that I've seen snow in May in Rochester, I never think it's over until June.
  10. I follow him, he is a scintillating mind when it comes to weather, analysis and prediction. He is not looking to be anyone's "local met", he takes all the data, coldly analyzes it and makes his own educated calls on things. If he's wrong, he's wrong, if he's right he's right. He doesn't toot his own horn with wins, and he doesn't see incorrect calls as anything to apologize for. Weather is complicated. He's not for everyone, but he knows his stuff. He's very much independent - which is why he has his own blog. At least he doesn't bittercast, or let his own desires/emotions factor into his predictions.
  11. As a recent former CT'er, I'm so happy to see the predictions. I95 North deserves a hit after this season.
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