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  1. Severe now shifting to SEPA/SNJ/DEL, it's crazy how much severe weather has been around since Friday through Wednesday!
  2. Like a monsoon, no hail, a lot of L&T though. Have kids eating dinner in basement.
  3. The storms seem to be creeping a little SE from the NEPA area, didn't look like they would make it here but they will. Not much on radar but L&T everywhere right now. Cells (work/personal) just went off telling everyone to take shelter now.
  4. Yup, looks like it's headed right for us. Time to turn the A/C to 65 just incase power goes out! LOL
  5. Radar is impressive out in CPA and EPA headed east, any additional formation in SEPA/SWNJ????
  6. Strong nader warned storm is going to miss to the north but storms blossoming to my west in PA, can hear the thunder.
  7. Crazy stuff the last couple of days, Saturday and Sunday nights down in Wildwood we had some wicked storms, last night the storms missed Robbinsville to the south but the Wildwood got hit again. Looking like today is shaping up to be a rough one here in R'ville.
  8. This is getting a little ridiculous!!! The wind and rain yesterday was out of control, felt like a late fall nor'easter.
  9. So same pattern for the last year, getting a bit ridiculous. 5day forecast is sunny today, tomorrow and Wednesday with clouds moving in Wednesday night and chance for a shower Thursday with rain F/S/S.
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