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    28 and snowing....heavily
  1. Light snow (flurries really) has begun in Stafford, VA. Probably the last snow of the season down here...im going to enjoy it :)
  2. 6 inches and counting here in Stafford, VA. The radar is starting to fill back in to our west!
  3. 2 inches here so far in Stafford, radar to the west looks very nice...
  4. Welcome to the party, everything has trended in the right direction for us NOVA brethren!
  5. I don't think mixing will be an issue for us, especially since a majority of the precip will come overnight. I think we will make out quite well (4-6) with this event...
  6. Happens all the time here, especially if the transfer goes to the benchmark, NOVA always is in the wrong spot...winds coming off of the apps dry the atmosphere out and then (via the new low spinning up off the coast) the circulation is pulling down the cold, dry air from the north. I am cautiously optimistic we should do well here, thinking 4-6
  7. 61 and sunny here in Stafford, VA today....i love how there usually is a nice warm up before an incoming storm....
  8. Just drove back from Williamsburg, VA to Stafford, VA (daughters gynmastivs meet) all I can say is that is snowed heavily the entire drive! Traffic was moving pretty well on 64, 295 and 95, but man those southern pines were hanging like a tunnel over 64 West between Williamsburg and Richmond. Jus got home, love the view
  9. I prefer: Its good to be king, if just for awhile, to be there in velvet, yeah to give 'em a smile....its good to get high, and never come down, its good to be king, of your own little town on the edge here in Stafford. VA (approx 40 miles SSW of DC)...ive seen it all...the northern squash, the dreaded rain/snow line incursion, and (however rare) the jackpot storm! Cold air is in place, and that is always our biggest threat here. throw out all the models, this is a nowcasting event.....ha ha ha ha
  10. I have seen him post a few times in here, so he is still around....Duff, UTS or MD would have a better idea of his exact whereabouts..
  11. Yup, SuperTyphoon must have built that dome right before he left :)
  12. We are back baby! Heavy shower just passed over us here in Stafford, VA, heading north towards DC. Picked up a quick 0.10 in about 10 minutes
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