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  1. Hard to believe how much warmer it is in southern Maine. We struggled to hit 50° yesterday. Currently 42° with a dewpoint of 39.8°.
  2. Hopefully, this rain will melt the rest of the snow without causing any major ice jam issues. Most of the big rivers (St. John; Aroostook) seem to be in good shape thus far with only minor flooding reported.
  3. I had about the same with ~ 6.5" storm total. We snuck up to 3rd all-time @ 164.4" - Rumor has it spring is just around the corner.
  4. This photo is from the NWS survey site near St. Agatha in February with ~ 10" water equivalent. I agree that if there were people measuring the snowfall in northwestern Maine, there would be some impressive numbers. If you look at the end of year snow total maps compiled by the NWS there is always a bullseye in and around Caribou because that is where the snow is actually being measured and it falls off everywhere else where totals are being projected. Currently 24F and overcast. Looking forward to a fresh fluffy coat to extend the XC skiing season. The vintage November snow is just a little bit bumpy right now from uneven melting.
  5. While we have had a lot of snow compared to normal (4th all-time) and we were just 0.1in off the all-time monthly snowfall record in January (59.1in) it's been more about the persistence and frequency of snow this year. The last day that I saw the grass in my backyard was November 9th. It will be 5 months tomorrow and there is still 23" on the ground with a half foot on the way. It's been the never-ending winter and the most severe according to the AWSSI. We don't get lake effect snow and we normally don't get the nor' easter jackpot snows either, we're generally a bit too far north. It just always snows. A few times a week, every week month after month after month with temperatures to sustain the icebox.
  6. Almost 2" out of today's storm, although it looks like the "Maine" event is upcoming.
  7. I'm ready for it to end. March has been merciful, but this season has still gone on a bit too long even for the snow inclined. That is awe inspiring in beauty and in scale.
  8. Looks like we'll see a few inches out of this system.
  9. We ended up with 4.2" and one storm-related plane in a snowbank.
  10. It's definitely more than normal as far as total snowfall for the year only trailing behind 2007-2008. However, we're not even in the top 10 months for average snow depth (currently 40") as we don't tend to retain as much snow as we once did. In 2016-2017 we had over 1' of snow on the ground for 132 days straight, so we are used to a long snowy season.
  11. Friendly neighborhood VOLVO L110H w/ blower prepping the banks in anticipation of the upcoming snow event.
  12. Possibly another foot + event for the crown of Maine.
  13. It's 12F with light snow. Looks like we are in for a few inches this afternoon.
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