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  1. Live in Chester County, just absolutely bonkers the amount of rain that fell in such a short period
  2. That's incredible. I went out to Utah at the end of January beginning of February this year and I think I was out there for the only days it didn't snow. No fresh powder, but still plenty of snow. It hurts even more looking at these pictures of powder days at the end of May
  3. Quite the evening....little too close to home. I'm in Glennmore. Looks like it went right down 322
  4. A lot of lightning but no real thunder. Some rain, but nothing crazy, thankfully. Only about 5 miles from Honeybrook where the circulation went over.
  5. Scraping just to the South of me. I'm just north of the turnpike
  6. Under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. Don't like the "tornado possible" part Lots of lightning flashing
  7. The storm north of El Reno is back on the ground. Multi-vortex
  8. KFOR has great coverage on it. Was on the ground for about 20 seconds and lifted
  9. Now a tornado warning KFOR chopper is on it. North of the airport
  10. The line is about to blow through here....should be an interesting drive home...
  11. Around West Chester PA Torrential rain right now. Thunder and lightning wasn't too bad. Looks like that was the first punch with more to come.
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