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  1. Duuuuude! No need to shower, just stand outside and lather up
  2. 4 entire states (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) under excessive heat warnings
  3. Looks like i approached a feels like temp close to 103 yesterday at the house:
  4. Not sure where this belongs, but impressive rain rates at the house currently:
  5. Few shots of a storm moving in courtesy of TS Barry...even all the way over in the Florida panhandle:
  6. Gulf was a little rough today, but the weather wasn’t too bad, at least along the florida panhandle where i was positioned: E218FD33-D977-4A8A-800D-43BB0A55FA89.MOV
  7. Panama City Beach. Was nice up until this afternoon, still hoping to get a few more hours of sun this week...
  8. The GOM is nice and warm, I can attest. Hoping it moves on somewhere else...🤔
  9. Few pics from the clouds rolling thru here:
  10. Received 0.53” so far today, hope that’s all too. Pattern has to change, severely deprived of vitamin D
  11. Didnt stop after that, closing in on 2” for the day:
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