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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. bman10

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    WOW just had some marble sized hail IMBY. Came down bout 20 mins ago. It only lasted like a minute. Here was the radar, Im located in the black circle. Biggest hail ive seen in years. Luckily it didnt last more than a minute .
  2. bman10

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    got a rainbow IMBY
  3. bman10

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    suns a shining now. as @ClicheVortex2014 mention its a cool aspect of weather knowing youre on the ground and so much complex stuff is happening up above. Be vigilant today everyone. & thanks everyone for the updates. much appreciated.
  4. bman10

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    clouds and showers IMBY. Heading out for a bit to run errands. Hope these past 45 mins aint a sign for things to come. I just want a regular T storm with some good lightning/ thunder. No tornados or wind damage. stay safe yall
  5. & the EF4+ drought ends..... record breaking 672 days.
  6. obviously he emphasizes "unofficial accounting" but wow, crazy
  7. was just about to post this.... crazy day down south, thanks for all your hard work cliche !!
  8. bman10

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    maybe you can cash in towards end of the week buddy
  9. bman10

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    tad past the 2 inch mark IMBY. you're right @snowlover2, I didnt expect it to be so fluffy when I took my dog out and measured 10 mins ago. like you said mustve been the back end.
  10. bman10

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    ill try & not be glued to this thread today & hope for a surprise later this evening haha. TGIF y'all
  11. bman10

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    lol its comical
  12. sure was crazy winds y'day. Was at arbys in town round 7:45 last night when lights went out. Luckily the house never lost power. Also not sure where to post this but regarding Day/CVG/CMH