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  1. Saturday was beautiful here, sunny and 82. Sunday was even better, sunny and 86 (warmest of the year). Any rain was in the night, so didn't bother me. Oddly too, was yesterday, a day I expected to be very humid, actually had the humidity levels drop into the 30%'s, and dewpoints into the 50's. Hot, but nice. Low 70s today, mid to upper 60s tomorrow, before the heat returns Thursday.
  2. You can keep it, lol! Seriously though, that's rough. It was officially the warmest day of the year here yesterday, made it to 86.
  3. 82 today. Possibly the warmest day of the year tomorrow, forecasted at 86. Early forecasts for next week are hinting at upper 80s at the end of the week.
  4. looking at the long range models (for fun) the GFS puts Pittsburgh in the low 90s next Friday, and even the Euro puts us in at least the mid 80s, so we'll see, but hopefully if temperatures get that warm, some of that can bleed north.
  5. It has been pretty nice, temperature wise, rain can stop, lol. Last few days have been crappy, but that's over now, so it should be pretty good now.
  6. Little different here this year. Had 75 and 80 so far, even up to 85. We were about 2 weeks early on the 75 and a week and a half late with the 80. Also interesting it seems your area warms up quicker than Pgh. We hit 75 earlier, 80 around the same time, and 90 later, interesting.
  7. Cool, thanks! Definitely, seems to be a rough Spring up there for you, and I think that's part of why there's a disconnect with me. For me March was cool and drier, April above and around average precip, and May, for now has been warm, and heading towards wet. And for you, it's just been cold and wet, right? That's rough for sure. Last Spring for me was cold and snowy through April, and heated up in May, so it's just weird, how it decides what to do. One last point, this pattern does remind me of the winter, Pittsburgh seemed to stay mostly one the warm side of the systems, and it appears that for the most part we're in the same sort of pattern. I-80 and north was pounded with snow, and we were not (lots of cold rain).
  8. He said into 2020's, you said, referencing the past few Springs, that this should be the new norm, not specifying the 2020's, that's where I must not have understood. I have no issue with your climate change views, I believe the climate changes and goes through phases, that's what it looks like to me looking back at data. I believe it will circle back again. I just don't buy into the alarmist parts of climate change, as much. But, I'm not going to go into my thoughts as much either, it's a sensitive subject and slippery slope.
  9. Actually, no, I don't know what you meant. You said new normal, so what does that mean other than what can be expected from now on?
  10. Until the pattern changes in a few years. I mean, I highly doubt every Spring from here until eternity will look like this.
  11. I can take a few crappy days. The first ten days have averaged 6.8 degrees above normal. Rain is not too out of control, just .31" above average.
  12. I'll take it, being a little further south in Pgh.
  13. Seems everything evens out over time. Go through very dry periods, then very wet. Very cold, then very warm.
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