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  1. Maybe...sometimes. I don't like to be left out, lol. I mean it's hot and disgusting anyway, why not get as hot as possible!
  2. So, it's super cloudy and 78. No way we hit 90 today. Even on an almost guaranteed 90 degree day Pittsburgh still can't make it.
  3. Pittsburgh is actually under an Excessive Heat Watch tomorrow and Saturday! Don't know if I ever remember a time being under a the excessive heat categories.
  4. NWS has already bumped Saturday's high up to 94 for Pittsburgh. For them to be that aggressive this early in the week is definitely something I'll be watching.
  5. Absolutely perfect weekend. Looks like a little Barry visit tomorrow-Wednesday, then full-throttle summer.
  6. One of the most beautiful days of the year today, and warm. Should have another tomorrow and maybe Monday.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant if it moves more westward and makes landfall further west, is it likely to keep to the west as it tracks northward over land?
  8. If this drifts westward a little more, will it end up a little farther west as it continues to move north?
  9. I just get them from where my house is, which is in the city, but not in downtown or near the river valleys. Correct that most in Allegheny County don't live in Pittsburgh, but my point is a Pittsburgh weather reading should originate in Pittsburgh not from miles away.
  10. Already over 2" for today, and I guess more coming late. This is absolutely ridiculous. I thought July was supposed to end up as a drier month?
  11. It doesn't have to be taken in downtown, but the International airport is hardly representative of the City of Pittsburgh, being so far away. I've counted at least 6 times this year where the temperature in the city limits was 90 or higher and the airport was 88 or 89. There are many more places in the city that could take a more accurate reading. Doesn't New York City take official readings from Central Park...in the middle of Manhattan, talk about urban heat island?
  12. This looks like another multi-inch rain day here. So tired of it.
  13. Happened again yesterday! Three times now this summer, 90 was forecasted, only to stop...at 89. Annoying!
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