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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. It's a shame that every promising period from two weeks out, crumble as they get closer. Expecting a green Christmas. Nothing seems to be coming together.
  2. Really hope that storm can pull north and west. Obviously, it's early, but would be depressing to see it miss south and east. But...I know the drill.
  3. You mean white dream?
  4. Yeah, I mean definitely there will be storms, I'd bet quite a few along the East Coast. But as you mentioned...Pittsburgh. We're not a large storm hub here, so I'll reiterate once more, I see missed opportunities for me. Not everyone else, east of the Apps is probably a good spot to be.
  5. Again, it's a feeling. I'm allowed to think that we won't get large snows this year. Now I'm not saying it won't be cold, but I'm just not sure the storms and cold will meet up.
  6. I didn't say I'm disregarding the whole winter, I said I have a feeling that the winter will go that way for me. Pittsburgh gets shafted a lot by these storms, and it's just a feeling I have, but we'll see. i hope not, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Well I don't so... But I have the worst luck anyway. I mean it is remarkable just how much I lose (raffles, football polls, doesn't matter), so mostly I'm used to it, lol.
  8. Another wasted and missed opportunity. Have a feeling it will be a winter full full of them.
  9. Pretty much everywhere except Pittsburgh.
  10. What needs to happen with this storm to produce those maps?
  11. This is an attack, lol!
  12. Ahoff

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Thanks. I think that sums up my misconceptions and addresses what the reality is. I appreciate it.
  13. When you get it back Thursday, jack it up again, lol!
  14. Ahoff

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    I have a question. I hope this doesn't come off as confrontational, as I assure you it is not. Do these actually translate well to the United States? I see people bring up these correlation a lot, saying this time period looks good, but it seems, at least from my perspective, that more often than not nothing even close to similar occurs. I know it wouldn't be a 1:1 correlation, but it doesn't seem the events are even comparable. Wasn't the 8th-9th period looking really good, with great support from multiple theories? But that looks like a major bust. It just seems like we don't see similar storms very often from these signals. Sorry if it's off topic, just curious about the actual verification of these methods.
  15. Don't worry about that, most likely nothing will happen now, with storms like this, lol. Anyways, welcome to the good side of the state. West side, best side.