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  1. Golf is hard enough for me... I'll just stick with hockey.
  2. Crap, I'm gonna get rained out again tomorrow. At this rate the season will go till Thanksgiving
  3. Crap, that line canceled the game. The rainout game got rained out..
  4. Looking good so far for my game later.... all rain/storms so far west of li
  5. Just hope any storms later avoid oyster bay as I have a makeup double header bc of rain out in July. With my luck this rainout makeup game will be rained out
  6. So far not much for most of li, few drops, few rumbles.
  7. Finally after an hr of downpours, constant ctg lighning and extremely loud thunder, things are winding down.
  8. This is insane. Guess 2 days of 100 plus and high humidity will lead to severe storms
  9. 2 days in a row hitting 100 or more. Doesnt happen that often here on the island
  10. Thankfully starting to cloud up a bit on the north shore. One day of it hitting 100 is enough for a lifetime. Bring on winter
  11. Many places on li are a few degrees warmer then this time yesterday since there are no clouds. Same west breeze, I fully expect more 100 readings esp north of the lie, unless we get a storm
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