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  1. Sadly that batch of rain around 6 was enough to cancel softball again...
  2. I doubt li gets anything more then a few rumbles, if that. Prob a few downpours. I have softball so I'm fine with no rain and fog
  3. Most of the rain has stayed south of the lie... just a few brief bursts of rain.
  4. I'd settle for more of these now instead of these rain storms on nov 3 (nyc marathon), or during winter
  5. On and off 5 min downpours in select locals on li, mainly in nassau.
  6. All we need now is for LI to look like that during the winter with it being all snow.
  7. As expected this is just mod rain and a few fain rumbles of thunder for li. Not complaining as I would rather this over any severe storms
  8. Of course the 1 day I skip hockey to play softball it may be rained out with storms later. Hope they miss us here on the island, or hold off till after 10 Cloudy and in the low 60s.. not worried about anything close to a strong storm, just want to avoid rain
  9. Nice wet and cold quick 13.1 mile run this am in Nassau county. Running in the rain kinda sucks
  10. Storms just blew up over nassau... very loud thunder
  11. Really not looking forward to running the LI half marathon Sunday in the rain. Really hope for a nice 2hr break between 730am and 930...
  12. Just missed that line to the east by under 5 miles.... Still a crappy day
  13. Where was this during the winter. Just colder with snow
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