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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Long range euro has been awful... not worth looking at outside 5 days...yet alone 10plus.
  2. Maybe maine gets something out of this in regards to winter precip.... Imo this is a BM track, sadly it's just more rain.
  3. There hasnt been blocking all winter... and I see no reason why it will change... maybe next season.
  4. A very disappointing storm for much of li. Mixed with and turned to rain after only 4 hrs of snow. Maybe 3-4 inches. Absolutely a horrible winter here Turns out I was more correct then @shaulov4 with snow to rain for nyc/li area. This was a perfect example of a storm following the seasonal trend... you dont bet against that as you'll lose more often then not
  5. Everyone's allowed 1 blown call.
  6. That's pretty standard for us
  7. Currently in the process of switching to snow here on the north shore. Only had 20 mins of light showers/sleet
  8. How bout Slain. Snow,ice sleet,rain. All very light, but it's all there
  9. Little light rain, but falling temps Few flakes around north shore
  10. Down to 39 on the north shore of Nassau county Let's see what happens
  11. Had around 5 on the north shore of li. Now it's in the 40s and melting fast
  12. Huge difference again between north and south shore. Few pellets mixed in but it's mostly snow, couple inches out there.
  13. So then it really doesnt need to be posted!
  14. Had about an inch on the north shore... at least covered all surfaces. Most is long gone now
  15. Several days ago I was calling something similar to the previous storms... slop and rain for i95 and east. Will stick to it and hope I'm wrong...