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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. That turned out to be just about spot on from observations today.
  2. Up to 8+ inches of snow at Wintergreen Resort in the Virginia Blue Ridge. WSW above 3,000 feet and Skyline Drive closed by snow. Heavy precip rates brought down enough cold air to change the rain over to snow. Several routes over the mountains closed by snow at their summit.
  3. risingriver

    Coastal Carolina 1989 Blizard

    I was a junior in college the year of the white Christmas. Although my grandparent's home in Hertford County missed out on the heaviest snows, which were around Wilmington, I still remember the brown grass in the yard blown clear, but all the snow piled in the 3 foot deep road ditches in the front of the yard, and drifted against the back porch, blocking the door. It was so cold my dad had to return to Virginia Beach because our pipes in our garage froze and burst. Here's a nice archive from the Wilmington NWS office. https://www.weather.gov/ilm/christmassnow1989
  4. He's aligning the planets to maximize the snow fall.
  5. PM, you have due N/S motion on some of those yellow returns in south Jersey. Seems to be a noticable twist forming over that area as the LP deepens.
  6. Planets align? Come on, man, you are the Planet Master.
  7. Definitely a fun one to watch, even if the dynamics are past MBY. Not even raining here anymore. To bring down the week of cold temps being forecast takes a strong storm, especially given the zonal flow and Pacific torch we've been under most of this winter. The pivot and negative tilt has gone down in the last 2 hours. Wasn't modeled. The severe weather and energy was forecast this morning, however. The Weather Channel called it, of all places. They upped their TORCON rating this morning and even mentioned on air that PDS watches might be needed in the SE. I didn't see anyone talk about how that energy would entrain in the LP that developed over eastern VA this evening though. That was a blown call. I know what I drove through was much more like a summer intense squall band than a winter rainstorm. It was obvious something out of the forecast was going on, as local weather was just calling for plain vanilla rain .25 to .5 inch total. That sure busted hard. Wasn't even raining when I left Va Beach. 30 miles up the road, rains started when 30 minutes earlier the radar was empty. Then in another 30 miles, wham bam thank you ma'am. But then again, the pattern this winter has been for storms to overperform on QPF since all the way back to last summer. This one seems to have just enough cold air to make life entertaining in the NE.
  8. Yup, that is what I drove through. Nasty rain in the warm sector. It'll definitely enhance snowfall in the cold sector.
  9. No one predicted thunderstorms in the 757 in Virginia. Y'all Yankees take note. This one is gonna overperform for someone up north, probably in eastern New England or on Long Island, if it stays all snow there. There is a very energetic slug of moisture working NE over the Chesapeake Bay and DelMarVa right now, and it might just wrap around the deepening LP center and into the cold air. My drive home from my mother's birthday weekend was through multiple car washes of rain between Williamsburg and Richmond, complete with lightning and audible thunder. And you know what they say about thunder in winter.
  10. Meanwhile in most of Virginia the new rain plows are earning their keep. Congrats on the cold air winning further north. Gonna take a major coastal storm for anyone south of DC to see significant snows the rest of this winter. We might get black ice tonight if the cold air comes in strong enough to freeze the moisture on the roads before the winds dry them off.
  11. We all try to keep you at arm's length, MJ. That's why you live in Maine. Expecting nothing but rain from this as far south as I am along I95. Most pros seem to think the rain snow line sets up just north of Fredericksburg in NOVA, though they are covering butt by throwing out a chance of slushy coating. I thought that's what a cherry Slurpee left behind.
  12. risingriver

    March 1, 2019 | Light Snow | Mid-Atlantic

    Seen several LAFD that throw the NAM out as an outlier. I'm thinking the truth is somewhere between the GFS and Euro, a coating to maybe 2 inches tops in limited locations. Not expecting to be more than a coating on MBY. Any likely school delays or closings would be further north than my sunny suburban paradise.
  13. risingriver

    March 1, 2019 | Light Snow | Mid-Atlantic

    All quicky, no sticky for my back yard, but I suspect someone gets a Friday morning surprise rush hour snow from this.
  14. risingriver

    February 24-25, 2019 | "Winter" Storm

    As soggy as our soil is in Northern Virginia, I fully expect if these winds verify verbatim, that there will be a lot of power outages from downed trees. Saw a herd of bucket trucks pulling into a parking lot at Texas Road House, so someone was prestaging equipment just in case.
  15. Why is the moisture feed so SW to NE oriented instead of more N to S. Looks like a dry "slot" coming in to waste time over the cold wedge.