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  1. Cloudy, 60+ degrees, spotty showers in northeast VT. Connecticut river is still rising, forecast to crest Monday evening. One more foot and I'm cut off from work tomorrow. awww shucks ­čśü
  2. Yeah, could be interesting up north. Mt Mansfield snow depth is listed at 107" right now. To the east, Connecticut river in the NEK just started to recede night before last, but it's already on the way back up this morning.
  3. My youngest daughter and I hiked up to Tuckerman's and skied down the Sherburne Trail on Sunday. Pic is looking up from Sherburne Trail. I can't remember which gully is in the background . . . Gulf of Slides maybe? The snowpack on the way up was insane. Off the side of the trail where streams had melted through, the snow depth was 5-6ft. A friend who has skied up there for most of his life said it's the best conditions he's ever seen.
  4. From BTV Facebook page: "We've upgraded Washington and Caledonia Counties in VT to Winter Storm Warnings for 6-12" of snow mainly for elevations above 1000 feet."
  5. NEK


    I-91 south, just south of St Johnsbury VT.
  6. NEK


    Lunenburg VT
  7. Can confirm heavy snow in the bands coming through the circled area. I should have called in sick ­čÄ┐
  8. This is nuts. Absolutely dumping snow near St Johnsbury VT. The plows haven't caught up yet. I pulled off at a truck stop to wait out for a bit
  9. Fat flakes coming down steady, 34┬░F, ~1000 ft elevation. Northeast VT on the NH border.
  10. Still snowing (slowly) in northeast VT. Looks like ~2". The car was brushed off about an hour ago, so the stuff coming down now isn't accumulating much.
  11. Snowing here (at work, Lebanon NH . . . halfway down the VT/NH border). Small but fluffy flakes, 32┬░F.
  12. GYX forecast for northeast NH (heading up there for 4 days starting Thur). This is such a stereotypical New England weather mix . . . "don't like the weather? Just wait a minute." A little snow, some freezing rain, rain, then single-digit temps.
  13. Central northern NH had some good squalls this afternoon. Maybe a few inches in spots. Big fluffy flakes ­čśŹ.
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