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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. 8 cms last night and blades of grass poking through this afternoon. A sunny Tuesday should bring the grass back.
  2. About 8 cms in Brantford. Nice this morning. Sun is out now and despite the temperature the snow is melting fast. i think we are on the downside of winter now.
  3. 2 cms in Brantford. Will see wht we get. Im thinking less than 5 with this one. But i could be wrong.
  4. I could very well be wrong, but it looks to me like this storm is breaking up as it enters Southern Ontario. Some may laugh at my source...but for years I have used the weather channel radar map. When I was Plowing I found it very useful for real time snow and the ability to zoom in was suprisingly accurate. Perhaps it is to re develop over our area? Either way snow/no snow I hope all in Ontario enjoy Family Day!
  5. Just starting to snow again in Brantford. Big flakes...still above 0 though.
  6. Right at 0 degrees. Very little ice on the trees, a light coating at best. Main roads are good side streets are brutal. If it re freezes they will be a rutty mess.
  7. Brantford is less than you in Hamilton. 5-6 cms of snow and about a cm of ice pellet so far. If it goes to rain even for a couple of hours it will be brutal.
  8. Yikes! I'll take a different box please.
  9. I don't think I will see 25 cms. Unless you tell me its a possible????? Seems to be more ice pellets and freezing rain with some snow mixed in. A great big bag of shmeng!
  10. I agree! been a while.
  11. EC is more of a freezing rain/rain forecast for Brantford. TWN is 10-15cms of snow???? Maybe something in the middle?
  12. I'm starting to wish for spring. Had snow cover in Brantford for less than 3 weeks. Greeen Christmas, bitter cold, rain etc. If this one happens and it stays for a while I may change my mind though.
  13. Looks like there could be some more ice for my area I surrender.