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  1. plowguy

    End Of Snow?

    Looks like a nice string of spring like weather for my area. No snow in site. Ill take it. The sun feels awesome.
  2. plowguy

    End Of Snow?

    Looks like a very light dusting tonight and then warmer weather on the horizon!
  3. Freezing rain warnings up for a lot of Southern Ontario.
  4. Temperatures look a lot more pleasant over the next few days.
  5. Starting to look like all rain for my area now. I will take it over freezing rain any day!
  6. Is mother nature throwing more freezing rain at some areas in Southern Ontario? I hope not! Winter has been short my neck of the woods...but unforgiving!
  7. This has become kind of non existant. Next week looks quiet as well. Hopefully it warms up but I don't believe thats the case.
  8. Accuweather has been wonky for Canada for the past 6 months. Not sure why?
  9. I was hoping it was wrong! LOL
  10. EC has 70% chance of snow on Saturday and TWN says 5 cms for Brantford Sunday. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
  11. Brantford still at 10 cms with EC. Enjoy HamiltonWx.
  12. Very un eventful so far. 2-3 cms and very light flurries atm
  13. 2 cms here so far. Looks like around 10 expected
  14. How old are you???? Where do you get VCR tapes?????
  15. Looks like pretty decent Snowfall rates...over a cm an hour if the timeframe is less than 12 hours of snowfall. With it happening throught the day should be a nightmare for travel by the afternoon/evening.
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