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  1. We all know the massive size of this storm. My area is suffering flooding from the snow pack melting, rainfall and We are expecting more rain tonight with en-trained Thunderstorms. An interesting aspect is the large swaths of lightning activity. I don't recall any storms this early with so much electrical activity. hope this current time png file comes out ok. If not, see Blitzortung.org for excellent real time lightning maps.
  2. Hi All, I was wondering a few things, and looking for answers. 1. How was the weekend storm, on Mar, 2-3 ? 2. How is the lobster season going, as you may know , my place is right on the boundary between 33 and 34 , and whats the shore price, I want to pick some up in early May at I. Deveau sales next time I'm down. http://www.ideveau.com/
  3. Toronto and Hamilton are in the cross hairs again! And Both may pick up enhanced snowfall due to lake effect!
  4. The wind storm, Sunday/Mon was not too bad for our area, no damage. The coffee maker and vcr clock were still set when we woke up and we got about 10 cm snow.
  5. Still waiting for the main part of the wind storm to take place. It will be interesting to see any damage the wind may cause overnight and other forum members observations on Monday. Info from NOAA , their snow belt getting another thump.
  6. Hi Guy's, I've got a place on Baccaro point, N.S. and live in Ontario. How wicked is it going to get down there. In Ontario we are facing the 10 year wind storm (by my estimate). and we are quite apprehensive. In Dec 2017 I lost the brand new shingle roof off my barn and house in Baccaro , Shelburne cty, we immediately went with a steel roof. btw this is the house and barn with the wind damage. I heard anecdotal stories of the wind being 160 to 170 kmh between Dec 24/26 and Dec 30/31 2017. The E.C. weather stn is about 1 mile and they recorded peak gust of 137kmh. What do you Folks think is more likely?
  7. Lake Ontario is at a normal level, fortunately, if the water were high damage may be more extensive . This storm could churn up pulverizing ice and cause damage to the shoreline regardless. Lakefront home owners must be stressed. Once the shore is gone, its gone. MNR doesn't let the home owner rehab.the shoreline I believe.
  8. Gentle breeze here in Harwood , Observations @ E.C. Peterborough@ .986 stable, and 5 c
  9. If you are having trouble reading this email, you may view the online version Got this email in my inbox today- Power workers are going to be busy. Over time we have switched from electro-mechanical to electronic controls at work. It seems the electronics are way more twitchy with power flickers, and we're gonna get some, means call ins to reset the plant! Highly automated processes have this as a side effect. Does anyone recall S. Ont getting winds like this ? I remember short duration events when fronts zip through, but this could go on for an extended time. We’re preparing for a wind storm that may cause power outages Our outage prediction tool is forecasting that the high winds expected to start Sunday morning could cause hundreds of outages across southern, central and eastern Ontario. Our crews are moving into position to assess damage and quickly and safely restore power to affected customers. As the damage is assessed, we’ll provide an estimated time of restoration for each outage. We prioritize emergencies and restoration in order to bring power back to the largest number of customers in the shortest period of time. Get the most up-to-date outage information We want to ensure you receive the most timely information in the event of an outage. Sign-up for proactive Outage Alerts to receive automatic updates and notifications by email or text message. You can also visit our Outage Map or download our app which is updated every 10 minutes as information comes in from crews on-site. Outage Map View > Text or Email Alerts Sign-Up Now > Outage App Learn More > Get the Hydro One Mobile app from these app stores: Staying safe during a power outage If the power system in your area is affected by bad weather, be sure to stay clear of any fallen power lines. If you spot a fallen line, keep back at least 10 metres. Downed lines can be very dangerous, even if they don’t appear to be live. Please report downed lines by calling 911 and Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235. Is your family prepared for an emergency? In the event of a longer power outage caused by severe weather, it’s important that you and your family are prepared. Be ready with an emergency preparedness kit. Stay safe, The Hydro One Team To see our tips, please visit HydroOne.com/BePrepared. The Hydro One & Design trademark is owned by Hydro One Inc.
  10. Approximately 8cm. here. Hopefully the totals get bumped up overnight, this is disappointing. Oh well, going to give the driveway a scrape and clean up the snowplow windrows. .................. That took about 10 minutes.
  11. Damn model wiggle waggle. That is the most stressful part of the wait.
  12. It appears all the ingredients are coming together perfectly for S. Ont. and my area in particular. Seriously, 16 inches if this storm pans out, I will take back everything I said about Mother Nature , ever.
  13. The Valentines Day Blizzard of 2019. Sure hope the GEM totals do come in at 16"! Go GEM
  14. Found this on Chicago NOAA site. Good info on ice storm in their area, Has anyone seen this format before? Wish E.C. would step up their game and do something like this. https://www.weather.gov/media/lot/sitreport/SitReport1.pdf
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