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  1. Yeah, was just thinking that myself. You know what the Rule #10 says in the Weenie handbook, "The models always sniff out the big one's at long range.". I'll see myself out. LOL
  2. Storm King is back. Moderate snow here in Cockeysville, MD but nothing laying as of yet. Storm King has yet to be buried this year.
  3. Here's the 0Z CMC which went through Northern GA into NC. To be honest looks similar to 0Z GFS, 0Z ICON, 0Z 3kNAM and 0Z RGEM. I wouldn't be surprised if the Euro came further South from it's 12Z track. When does the UKMET come out?
  4. 0Z GFS cuts though Northern GA at hour 48. AT hour 54 it's off just off the coast of Norfolk with snow into Western VA, Central MD, PA, Northern Jersey and up into NE. At the moment looking like the Northern GA path is most preferred which would allow the cold to press further South.
  5. Alex, I'll take Scenario # 2 for a $100...
  6. 0Z REM has Low in Northern GA too, so that's the RGEM, 3K NAM and ICON all with similar Low placement with colder temps into Mid-Atlantic.
  7. 0Z ICON looks similar to 3K NAM with Low placement.
  8. 0Z 3K NAM looks colder from DC North into Baltimore and Low Pressure is further South into Northern GA, that is compared to LP location on 12K NAM.
  9. At 48 it looks like rain for Central MD and Southern PA but snow further North and East. Is it me or does the precipitation shield seem a little underdone to the North and West of Low?
  10. 0Z 12K NAM looking a little bit further South at 35 compared to 18Z.
  11. 0Z GFS looks a little South of 18Z? Someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Here's the 0Z CMC and looks very similar to the 0Z GFS depiction. Doesn't hurt that, at least for the Mid-Atlantic, the brunt of it is coming in during the overnight hours.
  13. 0Z GFS looking good for Mid-Atlantic into Northeast for Monday morning. The big cities look like rain/snow South and East, but still 4 days out so I'm sure this line will fluctuate run to run.
  14. The 0Z GFS brings the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast our coastal and it's under 300 + hours. LOL. This is the same time frame as the 12Z Euro's Coastal.
  15. Man, he throws that analog out every time he gets an opportunity too. Trust me I would love a 1993 redux but not sure I'll see another storm like that in my lifetime.
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