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  1. ehh.. looks like an over exaggeration if you ask me. I'd say we will be slightly warmer..but not excessive. It always easier to forecast heat than cold....directed toward NOAA.
  2. I pretty much like a August 2009 redux. Northern stream seems to be pretty active, while the southern jet has this suppressed look. Just my two cents take it with a grain of summer salt.
  3. This may play perfectly for my ten year correlation hypothesis 👍..oh I just realized I kept that to myself for a while..... 😳 oops
  4. OT, I spy with my little eye a 540 line, can you spot it 👀 sign of the times.....
  5. "The ocean waves move quietly on the surface,...but surely." 🤔
  6. Can someone get an egg and see if it cooks....
  7. 94 Degrees, My sandals are melting to the floor.....
  8. Hey folks, it's been a rollercoaster so far this season in Robbinsville New Jersey. There was a downpour earlier this noon and now its tranquil and muggy. I am looking forward some transition in a month and a half from now because working outside in weather like this is the worst. 😔 Anyways I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. I'll be around here from time to time.
  9. I think I'm going to end up being the BBQ tomorrow....if you know what I mean.
  10. Give me one beach day and then bring on the winter baby...too soon
  11. I enjoyed the beautiful breeze today, not looking forward to the hot sunday.
  12. Hello everyone I am cold, carry on. (45 Degrees here in Central Jersey)
  13. Something tells me that hurricane season is going to be pretty active this season.
  14. Surely a dynamic storm, may end up surprising those who do not want to be surprised anymore. 🤐
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