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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Something tells me that hurricane season is going to be pretty active this season.
  2. Surely a dynamic storm, may end up surprising those who do not want to be surprised anymore. 🤐
  3. This is madness!!!
  4. Concerning....
  5. Um saying that the i-95 corridor was going to get plain rain does not make you correct, but sure I will eat your crow if you refuse to.
  6. Sister lives in bay ridge shes telling me it puking
  7. Just went outside with my old man and it went from crazy sleet to heavy snow to crazy sleet and now a mix. It was a nice walk however.
  8. 20190303_222114.mp4
  9. Lol This is when you are at your best, observation mode.
  10. Great Post, thanks for answering.
  11. If there proven analysis, you are missing the point my friend. You are allowed all the blown calls you want but only if you have something to back up.your statements other wise it's just gospel.
  12. Makes sense to me, I can see a little more in those 6-9 areas
  13. At 32 and may get even colder looks like alot of bust potential on the lower scale of things.
  14. Just took a walk with the kiddos, snow is getting heavier and sticking to grass and car, should not before it starts to stick to the roads. Congrats i-95 we managed to get one after a whole lot of nothing.
  15. You mean it's not an all rain event?