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  1. Picked up a quick inch yesterday morning. Didnt get above 34 and rain never made it here. Mostly just an overcast/foggy day.
  2. While I much prefer the discussion and detail here, I do like that American breaks NE from mid-Atlantic. Us NNE folks are far out numbered by the mid-Atlantic crew though
  3. Snow has started here, light coating on all surfaces. Thinking 6-10" when all said and done.
  4. Looks a bit South as well. At least to my untrained eyes.
  5. Nice big flakes coming down. Only a trace at this point.
  6. Snow started about 45 min ago, very fine flakes. Light coating on all surfaces. Sitting at 20 on the nose.
  7. To be fair, I always run chains on the front. So I'm not sure it qualifies as a jinx. The weather gods view all chains equally!
  8. I would be happy with a general 2-5 as an appetizer for the main event. Although I put rear chains on the tractor yesterday...hopefully I didnt jinx us.
  9. Do you have access to the Kutchera maps? Would be an absolute monster given our high ratios up here!
  10. It's really hard not to get excited seeing these outputs. Need to keep reminding myself that it's too early for any one solution
  11. Because we are gluttons for punishment lol
  12. When I left for work we had a hair over 4" and was still coming down. Overall seems to really be over performing from what was originally advertised. Should end up between 5-6" when said and done.
  13. We shall see. My area tends to hold the cold, so I am curious if we end up changing over to rain or stay snow/mix. Was supposed to be north of 32 by now but we are sitting a 27.
  14. Looks like the NWS is buying into a more amped solution. Upped me from 1-2 to 3-6. Ended up with only about 2" from today's round.
  15. At a week out, the chance of that exact solution verifying is slim to none.
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