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  1. That would have been neat to see from Perrysburg-- getting to see lots of lightning in Bowling Green without getting the flooding in town. flooding/ flash flood warnings, heavy rain measurements, large hail reports in this region.
  2. I wonder then, is MRMS system working again? (multi-sensor radar data) I hope everybody from this board is OK! I know several people are in Dayton.
  3. I didn't really know where to post this -- I am getting an e-mail every time I log in to this board, after I have deleted cookies on my browser. It seems like a lot of e-mails for no big deal. I was wondering if I could change that.
  4. I just don't think the dryline will be that active tomorrow. The CAMs have a significant amount of thunderstorm/discrete activity in southern Arkansas. I would say there's nearly 100% chance of the SPC issuing a tornado watch for southwest Arkansas tomorrow. I think all severe modes will be possible. Several hail reports may be possible, but it seems like hail is rare for this time of year. It is definitely more dangerous to have tornadoes at nighttime, because people are sleeping, and not ready to take shelter. That may be a serious concern tomorrow.
  5. If the severe weather game was still on, I might be more interested in tracking this scenario. As it is, the NAM and NAM-3km have some MUCAPE values up to 1500 J/kg in the warm sector. Severe weather time frame may be 00z-12z from Friday into Saturday (i.e. 00z-12z Saturday). If the contest existed right now, my first guess might be Texarkana, then I would make adjustments after tomorrow night's 00z runs. Areas in eastern Arkansas and Louisiana could have SRH values of 300 m2/s2. So, I would say there's some potential for EF1+ tornadoes.
  6. At least Toledo got a -SN at 1.5 miles visibility. That's something. Obviously, the early season is never very snowy. Like, I never saw 6" in October or early November in Toledo.
  7. Well, I don't quite understand the implications of all of this. It was kind of sad to hear over the summer that they were shutting down the forum at the end of the year (or so we think.) Then here have been IPS Driver Errors from time to time. But this seems to be worse. I am not sure if there is any personal information about me that could be stolen, really. I generally don't put in my true birthday in these things. I could not change my profile information today, as it said IPS driver error. Interesting note: A couple of months ago, I switched all my computer accounts to unique 14-character passwords that have several types of characters,: letters, numbers, and other keyboard symbols. And I don't use any birthdays or personal info in my passwords. I feel this may have helped protect me. My account password for Accuweather forums is not used anywhere else.
  8. I texted my brother in Canton/Akron and told him that there was a tornado near Cleveland. He said, "are you sure it's not just debris from the Browns' victory party?"
  9. It is a likely tornado, as it has been confirmed, and maybe a TDS signature on the correlation coefficient.
  10. Snowlover, I am starting to wonder if this is the beginning of the end with Accuweather forums. I am getting another error today. Is it too crazy to think the Accuweather forums might crash before December 31st?
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