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    On a sandbar in hot weather, or a fortified building during a hurricane, in Wisconsin during October color or a winter blizzard.

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  1. Mark0x01

    TS Michael

    Hello. I dont really want to post this on the main boards where 12 million people can see, but I thought I'd still post here so that the 'main people' on the board can get word... While I leave the weather stuff to the experts, I finally have something I can contribute - some footage from a couple of my cameras. I had storm surge up to my doors for Hurricane Hermine a couple years ago (I have an image gallery w/ some pix)... and if TS Michael takes a similar path, it could also make for some interesting camera shots, or worse (lol). I didn't have the cameras back then for Hermine. I definitely cant guarantee the feed will always be up for the entire next week (in fact it will prob go down often as I work and do various things) but I'll try to have it up at least for the interesting parts over the next few days, unless I end up with 12 million people watching, lol. Happy storm chasing! Here's the feed: [ Note to the 0.000001% thieves: I have ADT, firepower, neighbors and friends with firepower, and a whole separate NVR of more cameras besides this one which I choose to make public. Also - a 20 pound female schnauzer, lol. :) Also, despite what the twitch stream is, every camera is high resolution 4K with infra-red night vision. ]
  2. Mark0x01

    Hurricane Hermine - Hudson, FL

    Hurricane Hermine - Hudson, FL September 1, 2016 This shows a few of the pictures I took from Hurricane Hermine back in 2016. I live on the coast about 2 or 3 feet above sea level. Though we were well over a hundred miles from the center of circulation, I had water that was 3 or so inches above the bottoms of my doors. While I didn't have 'inches' of water inside the house, the water still all leaked around the doors and even came up through some cracks in the floor - all the rugs and floors were soaked and i had to move everything all around to avoid the water, and clean up afterwards. I had some water that began to come up through the plumbing... at first I was ShopVac'ing the water as it came in around the doors, but then after an hour or 2 the drains werent draining any more as water started coming up through the bathtub... so I had to give up that. Fortunately, it only came up to several inches in the bathtub, and no where else, before it maxed out. I was lucky, many people around me had much worse flooding. We also had The Weather Channel broadcast from right down the road... literally, a 5 minute walk from here. It was interesting to just walk and see them broadcasting... but as everyone knows it's generally never good when The Weather Channel shows up to your town! :) -Mark Additional note: my rain gauge showed 11.56" over the course of the 3 days. A lot, but nothing too extraordinary - we've had 20" before in a little over a week, just from normal storms that weren't even cyclonic in nature.
  3. Hello!

    I'm a LONG time lurker from the AccuWeather forums, over 10 or 15 years perhaps...however I never made an account or posted.  Originally from the Milwaukee, WI area until about 3 or 4 years ago, I'm now on the gulf coast an hour or so north of Clearwater in Florida.  I live 2 - 3 feet above sea level, and had ocean in my house during Hurricane Hermine a couple years ago.  Though I was always interested in hurricanes, Hurricane Hermine and my house getting flooded (and not really knowing when the rising water was going to stop!), was my first 'real life' experience with them.  :classic_biggrin:  For Irma last year, I evacuated (of course), however we really only ended up getting a 'negative' tidal surge... so my neighborhood was spared.

    Even in Wisconsin I had a fascination with weather, and would refresh the forums a hundred times a day if a blizzard or stormy day was getting close.  Now that I'm in FL, tropical weather is, of course, a greater area of interest.

    Anyways - I dont say/post much, but now that I have an account I thought I would at least say hello.

    Happy tracking and stay safe!


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