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  1. I believe the record will show that WE beat the crowd on that deal.
  2. Yes - please do, the same signals that indicate this one, will still be there for this next one.
  3. While it's nice to see other pros agree - it's not as if we, in here, have not been keen to the downstream ( I do know that you realize this, I'm just reinforcing) I told JD, on a side PM, that IF this happens - game on. He concurs. In re: Jax Rule. The Jax Rule is a corollary that states: If, in winter, there is convection near the Big Bend to Jacksonville corridor, and there is cold air up here, then expect a winter storm within 24-48 (usually closer to 24-36 hours). Others, such as @Uscg ast have taken to expand on the premise. Remember though that, as with any other corollary, it is not perfect. But it is highly verified and is reliable downstream (as it were) guidance that may be found to be useful when discussing possible storms. Therefore, if you have he time, check the AFD out of JAX in days leading towards a storm (today they just mention possible non severe T storms Thursday) as you look for "clues" as to what is a more likely outcome.
  4. Sweet! (EDIT - I was not saying this as in regards to our medical side discussion) (btw, I love that you have cat in your avatar) Not to make this a med discussion but my malady involves my carotid region - either way, we must take care from here on in. Thanks (again) Also requesting permission to share with my (now 655 - gasp) FB Wx Page followers.
  5. I took Rain's post to infer that winter is more likely to "end" somewhat tamely. IOW - not linger into the early Spring, making a normal or above overall Spring, a lesser likelihood. So, I read it as a mention of how winter may end, as much as how Spring will evolve. Great thoughts regardless.
  6. Very nice indeed -thanks for sharing your effort. This is fantastic - permission requested to share on my weather FB page. Thanks LOL - I concur on all fronts. That snow removal drained me hard. Being on a blood thinner makes sojourns into the deep cold, nearly unbearable - more so if I have to manipulate the digits to operate even simple equipment (frowny face icon) Those are tres cool, even IF (and I'm not saying they are) camera induced. Again, MANY thanks to all!!
  7. The snow pack has made the Moon rise appear even more spectacularly. The cold will make viewing of the eclipse a "challenge" for those brave enough to view it from the outdoors.
  8. That's why Poc and I opened the way we did. No hype - a discussion of the general idea, that is all it is at this point. So yeah, that is what we've been saying
  9. Probably so - I was just commenting from what happened IMBY. Temps were steady/slightly dropping - then the front pushed the clouds out and they went up 3F before dropping again
  10. I noticed that there is a brief temp jump as the Arctic Front first gets in - because the sun actually comes out and even with Jan sun angle, it helps the surface.
  11. Yeah - but I don't bother with precip types, I simply discuss the storm regardless of how much snow, or rain, or winds, or flooding there may be.
  12. Based off the 00z GFS - but the idea of our Atlantic side braking mechanism is being signaled with what I see as a Rex Block "downstream" When one looks just past this date range, that block seems to go full blow Omega. Busy times ahead. Winter all in one month?
  13. LOL - I was thinking of making a "hey Rob, can you give me text for MDT? Thanks" -
  14. Verbatim extrapolation would be just over BM I believe. Op run candy fun - but we'll ride ENS for now
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