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  1. Now a confirmed tornado near Volland KS which is south of Manhattan.
  2. Cell south of Manhattan KS tornado warned now.
  3. Go to main page and go down to staff announcements. There’s a thread with info.
  4. And we may have a new hail record for Colorado. There is a report of a 5" hail stone. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=GLD&issuedby=GLD&product=LSR&format=CI&version=44&glossary=1
  5. Might not have been severe but as bman10 said we did get storms here overnight starting around 4am. There were a couple houses that were struck by lightning and pretty widespread 2" rain totals. Reed Timmer just made an interesting post on FB concerning today. He thinks there will be very large hail in NE CO to the point that it might challenge the state record of 4.5" diameter.
  6. Disco mentions an upgrade to moderate risk might be needed later.
  7. New day 1 has a couple changes. Slight risk expanded into SW OH but the bigger change is a 10% hatched tornado area in IL.
  8. I believe that is the second PDS severe thunderstorm watch issued this year so far.
  9. That cell north of Wray CO looks like a monster!
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