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  1. Yeah Euro has been showing this for a few days now especially Saturday.
  2. Thunder and lightning intensity really picked up here about the time the warning came out and still decent at this point.
  3. Warning issued for part of storm near Centerville.
  4. Torrential rain here with thunder and lightning.
  5. Heavy/possibly very heavy rain and storms on my doorstep and not moving all that fast.
  6. ILN has confirmed a tornado in Richmond IN from last night. Details coming at a later time.
  7. 12z Euro looks interesting for this coming Saturday night. It appears to develop a strong/very strong looking MCS from southern MI back to E IA in the evening and drops south across much of IL/IN/OH during the early night.
  8. No change to the slight risk on new day 1. 2% tornado area was shifted north some to line up with the slight risk area.
  9. Surprised no one mentioned the addition of a slight risk along and south of I-70 back to SE IL as of the 9am update. Also enhanced added back in TX.
  10. Local news just showed pictures of damage to the Richmond mall in Richmond IN.
  11. Tornado warning near Peoria IL with the next batch of storms.
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