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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. snowlover2

    April 25-May 1(?) | Storms

    New tornado warning issued for the same storm.
  2. snowlover2

    April 25-May 1(?) | Storms

    Wow wasn't expecting t-storm warnings anywhere close let alone a tornado warning.
  3. NWS Jackson just got done confirming 14 tornadoes. Gave me a headache figure out the prediction game scores.
  4. Moderate Risk area for winds on the new day 1 for the Carolinas into southern VA.
  5. snowlover2

    April 19-23 Storm

    ILN thinks the NAMs and Euro might be on to something.
  6. snowlover2

    April 19-23 Storm

    NAM/3K NAM still showing some sig snow accumulations.
  7. PDS warned now for large and extremely dangerous tornado SW of Jackson.
  8. The one SW of Jackson appears to have a nice couplet to it.
  9. Looks like there are 3 different tornado warnings along the line in SW MS now including Jackson.
  10. snowlover2

    April 14-15 | Storms

    EF0 confirmed in Clark County near Springfield. https://www.weather.gov/iln/20190414_clark
  11. snowlover2

    April 14-15 | Storms

    Sun popping out here.
  12. snowlover2

    April 14-15 | Storms

    CAPE gets between 1600-1800 on that run across the southern half of OH.
  13. snowlover2

    April 14-15 | Storms

    More cells into SW OH by 4pm.