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  1. snow sticking to everything here in montreal .. weird cause snow was on the menu only this evening
  2. 5:30 AM so far 33 cm in Montreal with more to come the roads are a mess
  3. when would the highest snowfall rates occur for montreal ?
  4. a solid 10cm since this afternoon still coming down hard in montreal
  5. yeah snowbanks all over the place .. ville marie
  6. just finished getting the car out of its igloo good amount of snow here in montreal
  7. winter storm watch out for here (montreal) all east towards the eastern townships
  8. would that mean 60cm for montreal if so that would cripple the city
  9. how much snow are we looking at for southern quebec (montreal) so far ?
  10. all snow for us in southern quebec from what i see
  11. glad too see this on the Canadian forum 👍🏻
  12. Hello from Montreal long time reader on accuweather boards i’m not really an expert like alot of you i just enjoy learning from reading alot of you guys looking foward to continue on this new forum .... cheers
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