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  1. That looks like widespread 90s in the Great Lakes, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (and 89°F in Pittsburgh).
  2. All I know is, I'd love for fall to arrive on time in the South for a change. I'm getting sick and tired of 90s into early October, and 80s into early November.
  3. Thunderstorms in Pittsburgh now. I'll give you one guess what the high temperature was there before the thunderstorms knocked it down.
  4. As long as the cooling signal is dry and not stormy, then I'll be happy. The last thing I want is highs in the mid-80s and lows in the mid-70s, with nothing drying off outside.
  5. Just change that 90 to an 89 and the forecast will be on the nose. This is what happens when "official" temperatures are taken at an airport in the middle of nowhere 14 miles away from the city at 1,204' above sea level.
  6. Only after the South has a colder-than-normal December for a change. The last one in my area was 2010.
  7. Sure beats getting mash by tornadoes, though.
  8. If this holds together, not only will it impact the western and northern parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area, but it could also impact areas of north-central Missouri, where I have a lot of extended family.
  9. Heh, a few of the soundings I've found in central Pennsylvania between Harrisburg and Williamsport have "PDS TOR" as a possible hazard during the mid- to late-afternoon hours.
  10. It says "Not For Broadcast," but The Weather Channel just broadcast it.
  11. Now that's a Texas town name if ever there was one.
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