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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Ya snow removal is quite something , yesterday i went out and one of the contractors around here had maybe 0.18 miles long convoy of trucks which i have to admit it's really something too see. It's true that with all that snow these kind of big contractors have enough machinery to perhaps clean a street in 30 minutes or less which with smaller contractors or the city it can take maybe an hour or more. Another thing that just say that the storm was major is that the contractor with that long convoy usually have much less machinery and dump trucks so it speak for itself i guess.
  2. Indeed , well snow removal started last night all ready and tonight the right side of the street of the picture is scheduled for removal so by Sunday or Monday it will be pretty much gone around here but there's places in Montreal this can last up to 5 days without having either side remove so for some yes you're right they aren't going anywhere for a while.
  3. Received between 35 and 40cm in the end , it was great storm despite that dry slot in the early hours who for sure reduced the totals. From 11pm to 4 am the bands were so heavy that any snow plows would basically just plow to make the street driveable without even caring about the street condition. Here's what it look like tonight.
  4. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Here's a few pictures just to compare from last Friday and today. I didn't show the sidewalks because there is none as they are all covered since plowing them was too hard which is something that happen only in major storms.
  5. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Sorry for the late answer , snowblower stopped working and im trying to find the problem. Here i mesured 14" but with the wind there might be more than that perhaps 16" would be it. I stayed up until 4 am and i can say at times it was so heavy that 5 min after the grader cleared the snow on the street it was all white , this was around 11pm , then at 2am the second time they came around only the loader was there just to clear the road as the conditions were so bad that clearing the snow with a grader wouldn't make any difference. This lasted until 4 am when from that time to 5 or 6 there's was a dry slot which for sure would have put acculumulation even higher. I saw that you got 9.5" which is a great amount too. Great storm but the dryslot was dissapointing though.
  6. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    It started snowing around 4:30pm here since then i have received around the same amount and as for the heavy bands they started an hour ago. Rap and HRRR give's me another 11" until tommorow. Visibility is poor and the worst is to come. Great storm especially after the last week mixing storms who where similar to what you guys got today. Just to say even a week after these storms there's still ice everywhere.
  7. Ya , the HRRR give's another 30cm on his past run , let's see what his new run say. Rap is similar too. This is all at 10:1 so i guess 40cm is more and more likely.
  8. 1st heavy band is here , the next 5hr will be something to watch. I have accumulated at least 10cm at this point. Would have been great that you guys get the same just to feel how fierce it's getting.
  9. Found this video on youtube for those who might want to have a look on conditions in Montreal earlier.
  10. Conditions are worsening here , i already have 7cm on the ground but i wouldn't be surprised if it's close to 10 actually judging by the street tire track.
  11. Around 10pm Here's what the 23z HRRR hourly rate are in inches 10-11hr 0.9 11-00hr 1.5 00-01hr 1.7 01-02hr 1.9 02-03hr 1.3 03-04hr 1.1 04-05hr 0.7 05-06hr 0.3 06-07hr 0.4 07-08hr 0.5 08-09hr 1.1 09-10hr 0.2 10-11hr 0.1 Around 5 am though the wind should go down so whatever fall after will be higher in accumulation due to the ratio.
  12. Well I have someone who works in a school so im sure whe will take advantage of it.
  13. Storm started around 4:30pm , 1 or 2 cm already accumulated so far and HRRR give's me another 42cm to fall which is close to what the GFS 18z was showing. School are all ready closed for tommorow which is something that is rare for them having announcing closure so early.
  14. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    If i understand your saying that i would certainly get more than what is shown on the pivotals map.
  15. Stl

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Il have to be up no matter what, no way im missing those rates. Last time was in 2012 we had 5" in a hour which was stunning so il be glad to witness something similar again. Ya it will ,both Nam's give's me 14" , im in the East end of the Island so we are often in the higher accumulations. I think at this point it's pretty sure 14" to 18" will fall and that's at 10:1 ratio which i think will be in the 12:1 instead. It seem that you too will get a decent accumulation.