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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. Stl

    End Of Snow?

    This mean then that your last accumulating snow might be as far as March 31st this year
  2. Stl

    End Of Snow?

    It trended west since then and it seem now you guys will get your share of snow.
  3. If it wouldn't be for that warm weather blob , i would certainly get 8" by tommorow morning. I won't be complaining though we're almost at the end of March so rain is to be expected at this point.
  4. Stl

    End Of Snow?

    Ya well , il say that it was promising , i went from 18-20" to 2" of snow. Let's see what tommorow brings though perhaps the intensity of the storm will just give some more surprises.
  5. I can say that the Euro and the Nam really played with my emotion for this storm.
  6. It looks like it when back to his idea of yesterday 18z.
  7. I find the HRDPS not that bad actually i find it to be the best product Environment Canada has to offer.
  8. Sorry to ask but since you posted these , how good these models performs ? I always looked at them but never really considered them as i don't know their performance.
  9. Ya it does thanks. It's barely 6" what a drastic change within a few runs.
  10. Thanks for the map , it has the same heaviest accumulation zone as the Nam which is great. Do you have by any chances something that would show Southern Quebec a bit more because im right now at the edge of the current map you posted. Thanks
  11. I see it increased the snow accumulation for Northern NY and Southern QC. If the Euro wouldn't went East with the highest accumulations it would certainly made it more probable. Getting anxious to see the 12z Euro now.
  12. Stl

    End Of Snow?

    It would be end the season nicely with the storm of tommorow for here.
  13. Exactly , Euro of last night cut my snow accumulation in half it went East with the deformation band , Nam 3k 06z tough now is showing what the Euro was giving me before yesterday 00z. It just show how that band is crucial for big accumulations.
  14. Great analysis Strech , i wonder if the Euro 00z will follow the Nam 3k or it will stay with is idea and perphaps see the Nam 3k follow it.
  15. Ya , what i notice is that the swath of 12" + of snow is impressive , i wonder what it would be if the models are underestimating this storm. This could be something to remember for a long time.