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  1. I walked the dog about 20 minutes ago. I took the trash out 5 minutes ago and my prior tracks were filled in and in the process of disappearing. It needs to snow heavily until about 9am so the plows are still busy during rush. I want the day off. I think it's going to peter out fairly early in the morning so rush should be decently plowed. At least it will be light since the schools will call off.
  2. I went out with my plow and pushed the town's snow plow leavings away. I would say it's probably about the same amount as you since we're so close, maybe a touch more. My driveway is at 1250ft and it was 19 for much of the day but 23 now. Also, for such a small amount, I felt the truck labor a bit. Well within its capability...I just noticed I had to goose it a little more than one would expect for such a small amount of snow. I usually don't even notice up to 6 inches when it's light and fluffy.
  3. Lol. We had a knobber like that on Canistear on my evening trip home...If I saw him on 23, I'd take some serious risks to get around him as you're stuck on Canistear. He'd go up the hills at 20-25, 30-35 in the flats unless someone tried to go around...then it was swerving and high speed to prevent passing. By the time we got to our town 6 miles later, he'd have 30+ cars behind him. Serious road rage inducing. Haven't seen the old codger in a while, maybe he stroked out.
  4. I was expecting to see something on radar or the ground by this time for my area and there's nothing. I guess I should go to work.
  5. If it's something this important, just head down tonight and get a hotel room. It looks to me as if this storm will be ramping up mid morning, that said, perhaps by then he'll be far enough down the TPKE the effect will be minimal. As to coming home, it should be switched over mostly in the afternoon and evening to rain or sleet. Again though, if the conditions look nasty...stay down there another night. Shrug. Health is more important than getting home. In the overall scheme of things a couple hundred bucks in hotel rooms won't make a bit of a difference.
  6. I'd be very happy with a storm this winter that didn't involve any rain, sleet, freezing rain or any other damn thing but SNOW! It doesn't look like it...every storm is centered so far inland that it ingests a huge gulp of warm ocean air that gets dragged halfway across PA.
  7. They have an additional icing map as well. That map is the snow portion before the changeover. Here is the ice map.
  8. This one will be the lock. I've got a flight on the 18th which makes it certain as it will disrupt air travel.
  9. I just checked again and it is coming down pretty hard. Everything is covered now up there. It won't be long before I get the text from my wife as to when I'm coming home. heh. It's just flurries here in Maywood, not snowing nearly as hard.
  10. 20 degrees and snowing at Highland Lakes NJ at my house. 26 degrees and snowing in Maywood NJ where I am.
  11. This winter is going to end up like that 11/12 winter where we got the October Snow and one plowable event in February. There is also the cosmic balance to consider. My area, at least, was something like 22 inches over for rain in 2018. Averages mean something. It means that you get 22 inches over in one time period, you get 22 inches under in another. We are now in that under period. This doesn't mean we're not going to get any precip, it means we're going to get below average. As to the lack of snow, you can indeed blame me. In 2011, I bought a plow for my truck. We had two plowable events. In 2018 I bought a new snowblower with the biggest engine I could get(Plat 24, SHO with 369CC). This means we are skunked out of snow for the rest of the year ;)
  12. Started snowing very fine snow crystals here in NW NJ. Current temperature 28.
  13. The type of people affected is also different. Your average resident of the Oranges buys their dinner every night and may be lucky to have an old can of beans in the house. The average Sussex county person can survive a few days without the national guard handing out rations, probably burns wood or pellets for supplemental heat or know someone who does and has a generator with fuel.
  14. I spent two days with a Chainsaw in my left hand. What a disaster....I hope this isn't a region wide repeat. I realize we won't know the track until it is almost on top of us, but I got fuel, filled up the cars, got fresh gas for the chainsaw. I'm as ready as I can be. I have a standby generator and 400 gallons of propane. I'm good there. I'm wish-steering the track to our south so its a snowy solution.
  15. We had one in 2008...everything over 1000 feet sea level was crushed. Everything under got rain. Every 30 seconds, all night, a tree was crashing somewhere. We were waiting for something to come through the house. This is not something I wish to revisit. You can see the pictures I took at the time here: http://thewellrats.com/malbor2/storm08/
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