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  1. Steady light snow here in Lancaster. Looks impressive coming down, but not sticking. Airport was 37 degrees with dewpoint of 22 prior to precip so should wetbulb cold enough to start to cover the ground. Winter's last gasp?? Time will tell.
  2. Watching the radar, looks like NYC changing over. Any reports from SI or NJ close by?
  3. What town are you in or near? Your location is not particularly specific.
  4. Hoping that mix line holds for the NYC/LI peeps, gonna be close there it appears from radar watching
  5. I must be an expert eyeballer! On behalf of the lazy folks in the world, I salute you!
  6. Snowing heavily here, but boy did that mix line get close to us even here. Eyeballing about 5" on the back deck, have not been out to measure. We have been in the 6-8" zone on the euro for the past few runs and that should be about correct here. Over closer to Philly, I am afraid they will bust low. That dreaded mix line always victimizes someone.
  7. Yes, that is my concern as well. Will have to see how far north that pushes, but it is already much further than any of the recent models I recall. I think the much-maligned GFS earlier today suggested this outcome. Must admit, I didn't see it coming a couple of hours ago as the line was holding where it had been modeled.
  8. Be leary of those echos pushing north as that is the mix line, not heavy snow. We have held here in central Lanc County, but looking at the radar and reading the posts from our east and southeast, I think that is mix and rain, rather than heavy snow. And it is very close even to where I am located. It is quite a bit north of modeling and seems to be racing north of Philly. Are there reports to refute that interpretation?
  9. Man, you beat me to the “no virga” post. Few flakes here. I imagine will mix with rain for a while while the column cools. 39 degrees.
  10. That is a remarkable. I am right near The Oregon Dairy. Solid three on pavement and more on grass. “Snowpack” of 6-7” on grass.
  11. 3-4” here in Lancaster, depending on the surface. Still some flurries, no wind. 31degrees.
  12. Just over to snow here NE of Lancaster City after a couple hours of sleet and freezing rain
  13. Alright, will FU my own post regarding 3km NAM. NYC holds on this run but S shore of LI and east end on the line. N MD up through SE PA , N NJ, NYC and up to southern NE appear to be the jackpot.
  14. 3km NAM about 50 miles SE of 12km with R/S line. Not hard to extrapolate some very heavy snows just about to I95 near Philly and possibly holding for NYC but will have to see subsequent frames. Very close call there and Philly - per this run.
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