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  1. This past year has flown by. Happy Birthday WXdisco. Thank you @PlanetMaster for all your hard work, to all the helpers and especially to all the members. Cheers for a awesome fall/winter this year!
  2. I will look into them. Thank you for the advice. Wishing you and yours the best. As to an update on me, I went Friday for my first phlebotomy. It went well but had some complications. Not sure if they took my blood to fast ( I think they did) as well as a number of factors. I had fainted halfway through and they only took 300ml of 500ml (in a little over 5 minutes...) and My blood pressure dropped to 59/30 and took almost 3hrs to return to normal. So on to the next one! Now to work on my diet and exercising.
  3. lol, and have similar wacky mindsets. At least we can splint and prop those legs up My doctor was surprised with my knowledge and preparedness. He said usually people look at the wall dumbfounded, get extremely upset, or don't have a care in the world and just say your the doctor take care of it.
  4. So sorry to hear about your experience. The past year I have started having leg issues with cramps, Charley horses and general pain. Its probably from the high Iron. Excellent words on preventive maintenance! It is nice to meet someone who has something similar going on.
  5. I hope all is well and you can work in a way to relax and get more sleep. Wishing you all the best. Thank you for the heads up. As with any medical condition, it is always good to be proactive and catch it early. Please folks go to your doctor once a year for a physical and any check up's as needed. Look into your families medical history and try to be prepared for anything. Look after yourself by eating health, exercising and sleeping! I am going through something similar. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years back when i was in shape and eating healthy. They also found that my liver enzymes were high. Fast forward to this year my liver enzymes are still high. Come to find out i have a fatty liver and threw testing found out I have high iron in my blood and one gene for hemochromatosis. I now have to get a phlebotomy treatment to get my iron levels down to a safe number and maintain them. The high iron levels could have caused the fatty liver and HBP or vise versa. Needless to say I am glad i caught it early and wish my old doctors would have been as proactive as my current doctors are.
  6. Looks like my area is primed again for today. Hopefully I get home without any issues today. Would like a nice quite night. Ps, I am trying to get my dads video from yesterday and some photos from all the chaos.
  7. That is probably the one that almost touched down at my house. Next one just to my west.
  8. Earlier around 4pm today my dad got video of a tornado forming and almost touching the ground by our house. Just had another one come through with the current cell.
  9. @PlanetMaster@UTSwiinii @jdrenken You all have done a wonderful job both creating, maintaining and moderating wxdisco. Each one of you has conducted yourself professionally and are vital to the continued success of the forum. You all should hold your heads up high. While there will be some hiccups here and there; try not to be so hard on yourself!
  10. A little over 6" in plumstead pa (bucks county). Just changed over to a fine sleet. Sitting at 27°.
  11. Those storms last night in south eastern pa were down right nasty. Lots of lightning and rain. My house (something around my house) was struck by lightning. Refrigerator, router and modem were fried. Didn't take notice to anything else but i have not checked everything electronic. Luckily i have almost everything on surge protectors.
  12. I believe that is the one i was looking at. I am glad to get someones take on it. I do look at reviews and research said items but you just cant trust some reviewers. Thank you @MaineJay.
  13. I am looking to get a weather station but unfortunately do not have the money to spend on something fancy. Any suggestions for something simple and cheap($100-$200). Would like to cover at least the basics(temp, humidity, dew, wind speed & direction, rain gauge, outdoor/indoor and something to monitor it).
  14. Those storms that hit last night packed a big punch. Very wicked lighting strikes in my area of upper bucks county pa. Lots of heavy rain. The thunder sounded like a quarry blasting or a WW2 battleship firing off its main cannons. Had one house get struck by lightning that happened to be a member of my fire company.
  15. This storm that passed through northern bucks packed a lot of lightning and rain. Definitely had a nice bite to it. A believed lightning strike caused a house fire two towns over.
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