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  1. Just hit 8 inches here in Northern Morris County NJ
  2. 4 inches so far he in Northern Morris County, NJ
  3. Barely any Virga in this storm. Already flakes here. Usually a hour or two before anything starts with this radar look
  4. Your just going to miss it which puts me in good shape. But isn’t that how most storms go in this area? Can’t say I feel sorry for you :)
  5. Incoming to me here on the very northern t ip of Morris county. Im elevated a bit and tend to about 3 degrees colder than even 3 miles away in any direction. Let’s see what happens
  6. Here in Northern Morris County NJ I’m at a temp of 29 and dew point of 27. I think I’ll pull off 4/5 inches. Edge of heavier bands plus in the 20s for a decent ratio
  7. NAM moves much more east when it goes offshore. Can’t be discounted but when a model changes so much run to run I have a tough time believing it
  8. From my seat in NNJ I like this run so far. Seems to be dragging more moisture from the gulf in and north. For bigger numbers the longer duration is important (obv).
  9. Depends on how south you want it to be. Where I am in NNJ I just went from 6 to 15 inches. So that’s south. IYBY might not be south enough
  10. NAM playing a little catch up. As to be expected on long term NAM. But comes in stronger and colder this run
  11. Here in NNJ looks like it would be the biggest storm of the year if NAM was to verify
  12. ICON big snow hit for eastern Penn, NNJ and parts north. Classic rain/snow battle along 95 in NJ
  13. I know it’s the ICON but comes in colder and snowier for I95 NJ area. I can tell you from my seat in NNJ this model has done a better job than a bunch if the model in this time frame this winter for my backyard
  14. See the first storm of the year. He isn’t making the mistake of being under prepared again
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