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Red Sky

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  1. Red Sky

    We Are Back!

    Great efforts on our behalf thanks to PlanerMaster! We really appreciate the back end work that makes it happen. PlanetMaster, you rock!!
  2. Frost on the pumpkin? It’s a big pumpkin too. Looks like a good 5” here in Berkshire, PA
  3. Red Sky


    Gorgeous photo! Love the leaves that are still colorful contrasting with the fresh snow cover. It reminds me of early November snowfalls.
  4. We had 3.5” in our backyard rain gauge overnight (SE PA) ... basement’s filling up with water, the 4-5th time this summer. We never used to get flooding like this in all the years we’ve lived here. And more rain to come... sigh. There goes the weekend!
  5. Red Sky

    Camille 1969

    This was a fascinating write up! Great job, thanks for the perspective. It’s hard to appreciate how much impact storms like Camille had so many years ago, and I didn’t realize that Virginia was devastated by flooding during that event.
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