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    Hunting, Fishing, Snow, Active Salt Water Aquarist. Botany, Gardening, Corvettes
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    Snow starts at 5:00 AM and ends three days later. Total accumulation "A Lot"

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  1. Wow !! Crisp and clear out there this morning. Get out there and enjoy it. Happy Weekend to all Forum members !!
  2. Already have another .60 inch of rain since last night. Ready to have some dry time this week !!!
  3. Happy Independence Day to all Forum Members !!!
  4. I'll take it. Time to dry out and let the veggies grow. No drought in Pennsylvania this year...
  5. Had a quick .25 inch from a surprise downpour late afternoon yesterday. No need to water flowers this morning. Looks like a rinse and repeat this afternoon. Thank you Mother Nature...
  6. The sun has been out here since 10:00 am. It was so breezy that it dried our yard and a lot I will be building on in a short amount of time, and the grass is cut for the weekend. Thanks to the Sun God !!!
  7. The sun is starting to break out here. Hope that all Members have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and remember those who have fallen while protecting our great country.
  8. 3.75 inches of rain since this started, and it is still pouring...........
  9. My grass is growing like crazy !!! I have mowed 8 times this spring. If I don't, the mower throws out big globs of grass........
  10. Going to be here all day. Taking our grandson to see Dumbo movie. At least he will be entertained. LOL
  11. Misty this morning. Was able to get the grass cut, but had to raise the blades 3/4". Sun is now trying to come out through increasingly high clouds. Temp 60F. Tomorrow looks to be the best day of the weekend. Happy Cinco De Mayo to all on Sunday !!!
  12. Bottomed out at 30F here this morning. Temp now already up to 38F. Today looks to be the best day of the week for sunny conditions. Tan on !!!
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