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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. First 50-degree day of 2019:  February 4

    First 60-degree high: March 15

    First 70-degree high:  April 8

    First 80-degree high:  

    First 90-degree high:

  2. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    In theory, the late week appears to be warm, but the warm front is going to get hung up just to our south--my worst fear. What had appeared to be a pleasant week (after today) is now looking cloudy--and by Thursday, wet as well. We are looking at out eighth wetter-than-normal month in the last 10. We will likely clinch the positive departure as soon as Saturday. I hope we don't have another 2011-type spring, when we went straight from chilly/wet to oppressively muggy by late May. I was hoping for a series of 60-70 degree days with lots of sun. That combination was frequent from 2005 to 2010 (and occurred occasionally through mid-decade). Note: I am now one third of the way to 1,000 posts on WxDisco--at my current rate, I should reach 1,000 by late August or early September 2020.
  3. The light rain has begun to mix with a sleet/graupel amalgam. There was a bit of rattling just now. Is snow next?!
  4. We have gone from a balmy 63 degrees at midnight to a late November-like 37 now with a raw wind and light rain. There is a 50 percent chance that a few flakes could mix in. It could be our last chance to see snow here in Binghamton for six-plus months.
  5. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    We were fortunately to get some sun for much of the day, pushing temperatures into the upper-60s, perfect for walking. I saw my first dandelions while walking, and forsythias are blooming rapidly. The clouds will roll back in tomorrow--shortly after sunrise, of course. The first three eighths of April were very dry, but we got three eighths of an inch of rain last night. Tomorrow's rainfall record (barely 6 tenths of an inch0 could be shattered, en route to an inch r more of the wet stuff. This will ensure us of a good chance at our eighth wet month in the last 10. I hope Pennsylvania doesn't get much rain from this because of all the excess rain of recent months.
  6. This is about the amount of snow that Greater Binghamton received on another April 16, in 2007. It is fun to see these anyway.
  7. bobbo428

    April 5-6, 2019 | Front-End Slopfest

    It has been mostly rain/freezing rain here in Greater Binghamton, with a few ice pellets thrown in. It is still in the low-30s here.
  8. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    At 79 degrees, we were one degree shy of our record high for the date on April 13, 2014. It ended up snowing on the 15th, and the next day we had our all-time latest sub-20-degree minimum in Binghamton airport history, a record that had stood for 38 years (4/12/76). April and October are the most unpredictable months, and you never know what might occur. In 1983, we had two major snowstorms during the second half of the month, but it suddenly soared to 80 degrees in late April.
  9. bobbo428

    April 5-6, 2019 | Front-End Slopfest

    This is looking to be a sleetfest at best for us--but of course we won't miss out on th rain. I am still hoping for a surprise--like April 1995, when they predicted no snow for us but we ended up with five inches. On the plus side, today has been running 8-10 degrees cooler than predicted. It will be nice to get one last inch or two of snow before I say goodbye to it until November.
  10. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    28 years ago this coming Sunday, on April 7, 1991, it reached 83 degrees, the highest it has ever been that early in the spring.
  11. The 31-1 system seems to be progressing like a typical cutter for us: lots of precipitation but almost no back-end snow.
  12. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Little by little, they are taking our late-March wamup and turning it into the late-March deluge. Whenever a heretofore-dry month is dry for the first four weeks (as in 2014), we get a torrential downpour during the last few days of the month. We always get that end-of-month Great Lakes Cutter, and this month is no exception. Tomorrow was supposed to be sunny and 58, but now they are saying 50 and tuning cloudy. It means that today is the final sunny day of the month. Friday's predicted max could be as low as 48--another typical late-March day. Saturday's high has fallen 63-60. Sunday is now predicted to be a colder-than-normal day, depending on when the cold front goes through. Of course, the sky will clear on Sunday night--when the weekend--and month--end. We are looking at yet another sunny Monday.
  13. At the restaurant whre I was eating breakfast, I heard a rumor about a major warmup for Saturday, followed by a strong cold front on Sunday, giving us the usual end-of-month downpour. Will there be enough rain to make this a wetter-than-normal month?
  14. Lyrics to the number 1hit on my 2nd b-day--Peggy March marchd straight up to No. 1 in March and April of 1963 with "I Will Follow Him." I don't watch movies on TV (unless it is Turner Classic). There are now so many commercials that it is not worth watching.
  15. bobbo428

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    for days, this was forecast to be a sunny, mild day--near 55 degrees. As the day approached, the max was lowered to 48 degrees, but it was still predicted to be sunny. Yesterday, they changed the forecast to ';increasing cloudiness." Well, the clouds were here by 11 AM, and the temperature has stopped rising--at 38 degrees. You guessed it--another cloudy, chilly day in Greater Binghamton.