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  1. Skies are becoming ominous here in the Binghamton area. The wind is beginning to pick up. Fortunately, this has cooled the sultry air a bit. I am hoping for a downpour.
  2. Summer is nowhere near over— I thought we were having an early fall 2 years ago, but then we had a return of summer conditions for 2 weeks in mid- late September, including our warmest day of the year, 87 degrees on Sept. 25.
  3. I was excited early this month because a great deal of blue was showing up in the Northeast. I just looked at the extended forecast, and I see--you guessed it--lots of orange for 2 more weeks. There is a 90 percent chance that this month will end up warmer than average. Aside from 2017, every August in the past seven years has been warm or muggy late in the month--even 2013, which was very chilly the first two-thirds of the month.
  4. I hope we don’t have another end-of-August hot spell. That unusually cool weather seen in the outlooks a week or so ago didn’t quite pan out. I think we have already had our coolest days of the month. We are due for a daily record high temperature; our last one was six months ago. We haven’t had a daily record high in August since 2007, and we are long overdue.
  5. At the Binghamton airport, the temperature fell to a pleasantly cool 50 degrees, our lowest since Flag Day, June 14, when it also was 50. Today’s high should be about 78 degrees, which is normal for this time of year.
  6. I remember that day very well—I was on a bus tour out west, and we were at Bryce Canyon when we found out about the blackout.
  7. I hope that Wednesday, August 14, 2019 is as chilly as Wednesday, August 14, 2013, which saw temperatures in the low-60s during the afternoon. However, I’d settle for low-70s here in Binghamton. I don’t want it to be like Wednesday, August 14, 1985, or Wednesday; August 14; 2002, when it reached 94 and 95, respectively!
  8. August began calmly just a few minutes ago, so I decided to start the thread. I haven’t started a current weather thread in almost a year because I got scolded by a former moderator for not doing it right. As a result, I shied away for a long time. The next few days look dry and seasonable.
  9. A torrential downpour visited our area between 4 and 5 this afternoon, and rainfall rates were very impressive. I estimate that there was an inch of rain in the hour that I was in Binghamton.
  10. This pattern sounds like my worst nightmare: endless mugginess and no sign of true relief until who-knows-when.
  11. If I move to the other side of town, the place where I am now will magically transform into the place where torrential downpours strike, while my new place will become the home of the bland rain. LOL.
  12. This has been one of the most boring years ever for severe weather. We have had about four thunderstorms this year, and all of them merely produced moderate rain. Places 10 miles to my north, south, east, or west often get torrential downpours, but we end up getting about a third of an inch of rain in five hours.
  13. That is good news. This is only the fifth time we have gone through June 20 without reaching 80 degrees during any of the first 20 days of the month.
  14. Next week is looking awful for people like me who hate warm humid weather. I had a feeling that we would end the month on a sultry note. In fact, this month could actually end up warmer than normal because Saturday is looking like the last cool day of the month.
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