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  1. Storms kind of hit a wall today in SE Indiana once they got east of I-65. Saw this wall cloud south of Greensburg though. Those storms were trucking.
  2. Headed out the door to chase for the day, so I won't be posting in here much. You all stay safe out there today.
  3. SPC just issued an MD for parts of Northern Kenctucky and Southern Indiana. Tornado watch probs 80%.
  4. Storm to the south of it just went warned as well. Also looking healthy on radar.
  5. Tornado warning in Western Kentucky near KPAH. Looks like this storm is working with a dewpoint of at 60. Storm looks healthy on radar.
  6. It absolutely is. The RAP still has Eastern Indiana into Western Ohio getting to about 1000 jkg Cape this afternoon. I think the overall tornado threat has shifted East some based off the model trends.
  7. Since this system seems to be booking it, that might allow for things to clear out faster once the morning crapvection moves through. We will see.
  8. Looks like this convection in Southern Illinois could interfere with instability, at least in Indiana. HRRR starting to pick up on this as well, and isn't showing as robust of a threat as it did last night.
  9. 00z RAP paints a pretty dynamic atmosphere just as things are starting to get going in Indiana.
  10. Never seen those before. You got any images of Indiana?
  11. It is officially over 60 degrees here in Indy. I'm not sure if it was forecast to get as warm as it is here or not, but something to consider going into tomorrow. Especially since it's only supposed to get warmer.
  12. The dueling low level jets associated with this storm is pretty impressive.
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