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  1. Ending as sleet and rain would be horrible in terms of downed limbs and power lines. I have about an inch of heavy wet slop and my pines are screaming already! We started off as rain, then a quick changeover to snow. Good amount of stress on them now. 6 more inches of snow and then a change to rain or sleet? Done.
  2. My old man works for Souderton Area School District western Montgomery County, PA and he said they have already posted a 3 hour delay for tomorrow. Ive never heard of a 3 hour delay. I suspect that it will be upgraded to a closing.
  3. Hey, where in "Lansdale" are you?  Pretty big zip code.  Im in Upper Gwynedd Twp. Closest major intersection is Valley Forge Rd and Morris Rd. 



  4. Change over to snow just occurred here. Lansdale, Mongtomery County, PA 19446.
  5. Sun is shining here in Montgomery County, PA 19446 Temp: 37.8 Dew: 26
  6. Can you source this radar? Id like to take a look at it! TIA
  7. Current OBS for Lansdale, PA (Montgomery County) 19446 Temp: 35.1 Dew: 28 Overcast, watching some snow move through the southern portion of PA ahead of the main precip.
  8. If that banding sets up like the latest 3k NAM shows, I would tend to think that those numbers would increase significantly.
  9. 21Z HRRR paints pretty much all freezing rain for all of central and eastern PA through the duration of the event or up to 1AM. I really hope it warms up a bit and the HRRR is a bit off its rockers.
  10. Still a lot of moisture down to the southwest. Odd movement out in the Atlantic.
  11. So, again, looking futher out, once all this precip barely makes it out into the Atlantic, does it not seem to then move SE?
  12. Something doesn't look right.... Can any post a map of the current H and L pressure centers?
  13. Looking at a wider view on radar, the bulk of the precip that is or was over PA down through DC is moving due east, however there is a small area of precip over Pittsburgh that has a definite NE movement to it.
  14. Its the ICE you may have to worry about later on when the 2nd batch of precipitation moves through. Especially for the Lehigh Valley area. Albeit we should not be looking at models at this point, both the 12z NAM-3km and the 16z HRRR show prolonged icing. Caveat though is that both of those models are still showing a NE moving storm, which it is not currently doing. So Im not really sure what to make of the future of this storm. Don't let your guard down though.
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