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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. RonMexico

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    CMH is actually right at average for snowfall this winter, though it may not feel like it.
  2. RonMexico

    February 6-??? OV/GL Heavy rains and flooding

    You're just at the wrong end of the lake ;)
  3. RonMexico

    January 26th-27th Clipper

    Got to remember averages. North east Ohio snowbelt averages 100" + a year. It's been meager..
  4. RonMexico

    December 23rd-25th Storm

    Seems like jealousy to me 😁
  5. RonMexico

    December 23rd-25th Storm

    What's your point? If you have nothing valuable to contribute then you should stop posting.
  6. RonMexico

    December 23rd-25th Storm

    Looks like 2-3" to me. I'll send you a pic
  7. RonMexico

    December 23rd-25th Storm

    Pretty sure the snow depth map shows snow in Ohio...