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  1. Sorry....he is still searching for the Towel that he threw.
  2. Mostly a lurker....so I apologize if this is a silly question. I am not as familiar with the FV3 GFS vs the GFS. Whats is the difference? And is there anyone that recalls what the FV3 showed for the last storm we just had (this far out?). I enjoy trying to figure out which models perform better vs other models at the various time frames. Sorry if that is a silly question.
  3. Here is a link to Bernie's video in case anyone didnt see it. Bernie Rayno Video from Today
  4. Just curious if you have....or if you will have a FAQ section. One of the issues that I had over at the old boards was learning the basics that many members already know. For example....when do the various runs occur? What are some of the abbreviations being discussed in threads? Miller A vs Miller B? Just as some examples. Is there any plan to create a master thread to be the one stop shop of we users can go to find out some of the basics that the experienced folks are already aware of that the novices (like myself) could learn from? It may be helpful as this place grows (especially during the winter months). Thanks!
  5. I am heading to PSU for a football game this Saturday. Going to guess it is an all rain event. It is always an all rain event when I go to a game :( Actually rooting for an out to sea option....tired of sitting in the rain for Penn State games.
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