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  1. Or one of his female coworkers was pregnant. 😱 To those who don’t remember, TWC even made fun of this, all in good natured respectful jest of course.
  2. Relief is almost here up north. Going out with a bang.
  3. Topped 100 heat index in north central Maine.
  4. Even up here in the “cooler woods”..
  5. Fun drive up to St. Albans. Saw 29 on ridge tops with freezing drizzle, several wipeouts seen, up to 45 in the Champlain valley. Seems like the valley area always seems milder and little snow.??? 44 and drizzle St. Albans. Meanwhile back home in Maine I see PWS shows 26.4 with a 24.4 dew and 5 “ of new white cement” per neighbor.
  6. Thanks telejunkie. We are doing a straight shot up 93 to Concord. Then 89 to St Albans. I expect around Montpelier to see changes. Car thermometer is critical on trips like this.
  7. Saw 70 on the car thermometer yesterday afternoon in Andover mass. On the road for work this week and we decided to drive down early to beat the weather. So glad we did as it’s a WSW at the house near Dover Foxcroft now this a.m. Headed to northern Vermont this afternoon and expect elevation surprises along the way though we should be west of the worst. Traveling all over New England each week makes one appreciate how diverse our weather is.
  8. Re: northern Maine snow. It doesn’t melt between storms is the difference. love this ft Kent picture of layering.
  9. Making the drive from Caribou to Waterville (Maine) today for wife’s work. Around Houlton, 95, etc. getting sloppy. Def elevation driven accumulations. But, look at those snowblower cut snowbanks in pic. Still a ways to go for bare ground. Route 1 just north of Houlton in pic. Was scene of massive drifting and road closures last month.
  10. Northern Maine says stay south, no more. Interesting OT aside, notice the layering of each storm as seen in the snowblower cut snowbank.
  11. My daughter married into a bilingual family and my 2 year old grandson is learning both. Me, I picked up the swear words and the rest I resort to hand gestures......
  12. Ventured as far north as one can go in U.S. to visit daughter and family. This heavy rain coming on top of a 4’ snow pack is not good..... Currently 27 with light freezing drizzle.
  13. Deep in the woods of Maine, thick ivory snow time but watching that mix line on the coast.
  14. A rather lengthy discussion but interesting read for some in seeing the forecasters thought processes,courtesy of NWS Boston. I bolded and underlined for the chuckle.... https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=BOX&issuedby=BOX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  15. Norlun fun. 16.7 with a dew of 13.5 3” new from trough on a base of 6” of white cement.
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