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  1. Same here soon we will need a boat with all the rain for the next week
  2. Posted a hazardous outlook for our area but looked to be the slop mix again
  3. I agree with you looks like more rain for us
  4. It really doesn’t matter what we get here cause it’s going to be washed away anyway
  5. As usual we went from 3 to 5 now 1 to 2 next will be flurries
  6. I guess it doesn’t matter what snow does fall cause it looks like it’s going to be washed out by rain that night well for our area
  7. Yes they are calling for snow here sat and Sunday and Tuesday we will see
  8. It’s snowing lightly here
  9. Woke up everything is covered and snowing good here
  10. I was wondering about this if anyone was going to say something cause my weather has and had all week for 40% chance of snow for this
  11. Usually when they come from the south is when we get our big storms but it’s far away and a lot to happen
  12. Enlarge the circle down to the eastern shore and it’s perfect for no snow
  13. Well guess on to the next storm for me even that looks like rain to going have to move to Alaska
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