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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. MaineJay

    December 12-13, 2018 | "Clipper"

    Boo, this system is trying to ruin my chance at seeing the geminids peak at ~2am.
  2. 1.9° this morning, lowest of the season
  3. MaineJay

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    I'm extending the dates to the 17th. Mrs MJ's birthday is the 17th, she's says it always snows on her birthday. GYX has is eyes on it, short, but decent disco. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  4. MaineJay

    Geminid Meteor Shower: peak Dec 14; ~100/hr

    Thanks! I wish it had audio, because I could hear the ice on the lake (about a half mile away) creaking and groaning as the temp dropped. I was super lucky, I had just got the camera into focus, it was like the third shot I took, and it was the best meteor that I saw. I may have clouds to contend with tonight, NAM tries to hold them at bay long enough. Fingers are crossed.
  5. MaineJay

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    It looks like the northern stream energy associated with any potential kicker/phase is still about 48 hours from coming ashore. Timing is everything.
  6. MaineJay

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    Intriguing, pressure falls are pretty good, like 18mbs in 24 hours. We are at that 100 hour mark, 12z runs will be interesting. GYX not writing it off https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  7. MaineJay

    Geminid Meteor Shower: peak Dec 14; ~100/hr

    Here's an uncropped shot with a small Geminid on the left. Wirtanen is easily visible I optimized it to reduce the file size.
  8. MaineJay

    Comet 46P/Wirtanen

    As I posted in the other thread, I wasn't out long, but it was worth it. Cross posting my best shot
  9. MaineJay

    Geminid Meteor Shower: peak Dec 14; ~100/hr

    I feel asleep with the kids, but woke up and had to peruse the forum, after seeing yours and @i70split s posts, I dragged myself out into the 6° temps. It actually wasn't that bad, but my German shepherd only lasted 15 minutes. I was out probably 30 minutes but saw about a dozen, super pumped for tomorrow, peak is about 2 am. Clear skies!!!!! I didn't have a plan, but got real lucky. Meteor and comet in one.
  10. MaineJay

    Comet 46P/Wirtanen

    Yup, it should get higher and brighter until the16th, but we are beginning to contend with the moon. I like to use the 5 stars that kinda make a triangle in Taurus to find it. Skies are wicked clear tonight, temps are dropping quick, but I plan on bundling up and putting in some time.
  11. Okay, the math geek in me has to correct this. .1000 is batting 1 out of ten. Batting a thousand is 1.000.
  12. MaineJay

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    Good ole professor grabby.
  13. MaineJay

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    GYX fron this morning https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  14. MaineJay

    Comet 46P/Wirtanen

    I went out at 11 last night, 930 tonight, I would've went sooner, but had to get the kids asleep. I can see it about 2 hours past sunset, which is like 4pm. I can never get my eyes adjusted because of looking at the camera LCD, but I think I was seeing it, although faintly, and by not looking directly at it. It's higher up the earlier you go out. Don't judge me on this shot, the focus is off. I threw on the wide angle for a couple test shots after I saw a couple meteors, trying to catch one with the comet. But was getting tired and I thought the clouds were going to start moving in. You can see Orion on thur left and the Pleiades at the top, red arrow arrow pointing at Wirtanen. 12mm f/4 30sec ISO 3200 I had some settings wrong last night which I corrected. Haven't used the camera in too long. Just cropped 35mm f/1.8 6sec ISO 3200 Tighter crop with enhancement