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  1. Full sun here in about as SE Ahia as one can get. Got me worried.
  2. PBZ put up an interesting graphic this weekend.
  3. Interesting graph from PBZ
  4. Lol at the microscopic blue 6 in dot over me. The furthest north spot in Ohio sub 12 inches....
  5. Bout an inch on elevated/grassy/shaded surfaces here between Bridgeport and Clarksburg on Eastpointe. The 400~ft in elevation change from downtown made an immediate difference in temp. Half inch of slush on pavement here as well.
  6. About an inch on elevated grassy surfaces and half inch on pavement. Slushy very slushy. Wife reports a half inch on the board back home.
  7. Starting to Accumulate on grassy surfaces in Downtown Clarksburg. I'll let you know what it's doing up on the ridge at Eastpoint here shortly. It's 1400+ft compared to 1000ft in downtown.
  8. 5 miles east of Clarksburg. Starting to accumulate on grassy surfaces. Visibility is poor lol. Under half mile easy.
  9. Snow began in Belpre right as I left for Clarksburg about 20 minute ago.
  10. Just left Belpre to begin the 70 miles to Clarksburg. Glad to hear no accumulation yet.
  11. I have to be in Clarksburg tonight for work. Contemplating heading east Early.
  12. ? What's are they seeing?
  13. 2 inches woohoo. Sending largest Snowfall of the year would be lol
  14. I'm in the lead!!! Woohoo lol.
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