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  1. A little late to the party here but just wanted to say that on Sunday evening we got hit with a 35dbz band in Columbus. The flakes coming down were as big as my hand. It was absolutely insane. It looked like sheets of paper was falling from the sky. Never seen anything like it.
  2. Radar looks amazing. Hard to believe only an inch or two.
  3. All rain downtown. Maybe 2” fell before the switch.
  4. Looking forward to the drive to work in the morning 😂
  5. Drove back down from Cleveland yesterday afternoon and oh my god. I’m surprised 71 wasn’t shut down with the quantity of accidents we passed. Took us 4 hours to make a less than 2 hour drive. There were accidents every half mile starting from Mansfield all the way thru Columbus. Roads were slick, but not that slick.
  6. Definitely a fun one. Would do again.
  7. Solid 5” down in German village on the south side of Columbus.
  8. That spot.... every damn time.
  9. I absolutely think this could verify. There is something geographically in the circled area that always and I mean always seems to enhance moisture in this area.
  10. WAA always wins here. Never ever forget that.
  11. Hard to meausre but about 11” here in Wayne county (just west of Akron). Still getting some streamers coming down off the lake for another inch or two today. If not for that brief period of sleet we had last night I have no doubt we would have surpassed a foot.
  12. Wind is shaking the house right now. Lordy.
  13. Wind is starting to pick up up here. Been snowing again for hours but the ruler has been stuck at 5”. Those 2 hours of sleet we had really borked totals.
  14. Heavy sleet here the last 2 hours. Had 3 inches of snow and an inch and a half of sleet on top of that. Hoping for a changeover back to snow soon.
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