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  1. I would gladly take it, though I just worry about temps being marginal for any event these next few days.
  2. OPM has announced a 2 hour delay. Does that cover Ft Meade?
  3. Also agree that the review process is good, I hated that warning on my old profile. I believe I received a 10% warning over on the other site for telling a good friend on the site to remove his head from his hind parts, Jesse gave him 10% for saying something back. LOL Old times. Great Forums PM
  4. You see a hat in the purple.... I see a seal or sea lion in the lightest color.
  5. If the op follows the ensembles than we still have good room for this to come SE and get DCA in on the snow. I know some are leaning that way and based on the storms this season (Mid November, December 9th and this past weekend) I think that is the correct way to go. First page topper on the new site.... Q: How does a Snowman get to work? A: By icicle
  6. Those big numbers south of D.C. Are more from today than the end of week storm correct?
  7. LWX has two different "Expected snowfall forecasts" above and this...
  8. There used to be a correlation between shutdowns and major snows.
  9. The mean of the SREF's for DCA have increased pretty significantly between the 09 and 15Z runs. This occurred while the highest output has come down by 3.5", more members showing 3-6 than earlier today.
  10. Wish I could see the in-between frames.
  11. NAM looks like it will go negative in the next two frames.....I am hoping it is onto something for those of us in the DC/Baltimore area. Tired of seeing VA Beach and Richmond cash in on early season snows (last year was painful).
  12. That is of course exactly what popped into my head.... I am sure I do it just not with a camera and viewers around.
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