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  1. https://www.wired.com/story/5g-networks-could-throw-weather-forecasting-into-chaos/
  2. Wash. Post article on Arctic heat.
  3. Summer to me is the season i have to wait for to get to fall and winter. My only wish is that it's near normal/average in both temp and precip. Here's another summer prognostication, this one by Fox 8 news in CLE (Scott Sabol's station). 2019 summer outlook
  4. The May 6th NOAA .ppt you linked indicates a 65% chance of Nino continuing thru the summer. This May 9th discussion issued by the CPC states a 70% chance. link I realize its a minor difference, but does NOAA and the CPC issue independent ENSO forecasts? Synopsis:El Niño is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2019 (70% chance) and fall (55-60% chance)
  5. If you check the link/map and states are missing, chances are the data is being updated. Give it a few days and check again.
  6. Jared replied that they were in the process of updating the data hence the reason for the missing states. (Good to know for future instances.) I checked this AM and all the states are now included. And in answering my original question: Does anyone know of a one-stop-shop(website) that has the historic seasonal snowfall amounts for reporting sites across the country? ....the data can be found here: https://xmacis.rcc-acis.org/ It takes some practice, but every year on record for every reporting station can be accessed here!
  7. That’s odd. I just checked his map and found numerous states have no data like you indicate. All states were included when I initially posted this. I’ll see if I can find out what happened. I would also like to be able to get the snowfall associated with each year.
  8. OT...I didn’t know he (aka Big Butter Jesus) was rebuilt. Just “confirmed” via Wiki. Yeah, the two week stretch of fair weather was nice and helped dry things out. The woods around the house are back to being muck after this past weekend’s rain.
  9. This certainly isn’t helping and it does have the “chicken or the egg” thing going on with the air temps vs the sea ice. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/alaska-temperatures-expected-to-soar-40-degrees-above-normal-this-weekend/ And FWIW, I have Prudhoe Bay listed in my phone to track it’s current and forecasted temps. This past Saturday , my daytime high was colder than Prudhoe Bay’s!
  10. Another disappointing event. Managed just a dusting atop the layer of sleet with a few flakes still falling. Hats off to the meso’s that showed the brutal cutoff near me, they really nailed it. 3-4” reports just 15 miles or so away to my NW. Next year...
  11. 32, primarily sleet and running out of radar returns. Sigh...
  12. Who can tell me what these “wavy” returns signify??
  13. 34 and still raining IMBY. Just saw a moth fly by the outside light. Good luck Mr. Moth.
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