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  1. Interesting video and brief analysis of a “near miss”, or is it a “near hit”.... https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/08/16/lightning-missed-man-by-feet-it-was-all-caught-camera/
  2. It appears that the NWS is bringing back the LES Warnings!! I'm so glad this is happening as the LE events are a different animal as compared to synoptic events. https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/40908591/national-weather-service-to-bring-back-lake-effect-snow-warnings-this-winter https://www.weather.gov/media/notification/scn19-63hazsimp_lake_snowaaa.pdf
  3. Hiramite

    Luna Moth

    (I have trouble finding these comments. ) Anyway, I was pulling invasive plants at a local nature preserve when I saw it. I was pretty surprised. Haven't seen one for years.
  4. Some details on the dryness across the corn belt in July. Graphics from Scott Sabol Twitter.
  5. Dry on the 10th will be good too! Speaking of dry, it’s amazing how fast things dried up in the last few weeks. Water-filled depressions since last Sept, which seemed to be a permanent part of the landscape, have finally disappeared.
  6. FYI. @Farmboy05 et al. I posted the site the @weather_boy2010 referenced, as well as another one I found regarding snowfall data, under "Annual Snowfall Amounts" in "Weather Q&A".
  7. One of the many articles on the "heat" of June 2019. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/07/18/global-warming-hottest-june-record-last-month/1767109001/ This note was especially interesting... "June 2019 also marked the 414th consecutive month that the planet's temperature was warmer-than-average, NOAA said."
  8. Just keep in mind that it's never good to be in the bullseye 6 months out! For kicks and giggles, does anyone keep track of these forecasts and compare them to what actually happens? (I think I might start doing so during these summer "doldrums".)
  9. Some storm damage north of Ravenna (SE of Cleveland) yesterday. (7-21-19).
  10. Clouds are pretty much gone over the OV. Luckily the breeze has picked up. It’s bearable out as long as you don’t move around.
  11. Another cloudy start to the day in much of N OH. Had about 0.4” rain this AM to add to the humidity and muddy up the parking at the local festival. Right around 80 now IMBY. Not much breeze today.
  12. And in addition to the breeze for my neck of the woods, it was also mostly cloudy all day. So all in all, not that bad. Muggy as all get out though.
  13. Clouds tempering the temps so far in some areas. A bit of a breeze too IMBY. Not too bad at the moment.
  14. I hope I'm not stealing your thunder here PM, but this link has a neat Global Climate Dashboard which graphs various Climate Change and Climate Variability Indices. https://www.climate.gov/
  15. From the "It can always be worse department", here are the record all-time highs for the OV & GL. (All from the '30's or 1954.) If I recall correctly, I think I only experienced 100 (IMBY) back in 1988. MO - 118, IL - 117, IN - 116, WI - 114, KY - 114, OH - 113, WV - 112, MI - 113 EDIT: @cincyohwxguy makes a great point below about taking into account the humidity / heat indices.
  16. This is interesting. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/blogs/enso/enso-forecast-mash-ups-what’s-best-way-combine-human-expertise-models
  17. Ugggghhh!!! Just 1.2 miles away from the cool comfort of the lakeshore counties, lol.
  18. Granted this can change, but this is one “watch area” I’m glad to be outside of. But I’m guessing that if any county in a NWS forecast area that ends up with a warning ends the streak for the entire forecast area.
  19. It's been awhile since the last "excessive heat warning" for some areas that are forecast to be impacted. https://twitter.com/ScottSabolFOX8/status/1151174358855028737
  20. Yes, congrats to @lynniethelurkerand @Wx_WhatWX? with the well deserved promotions!!! As for myself, never dreamed I would ever be in a mod role when I joined AW a few years back. Anyway, I’ll certainly give it my best shot and if anyone gives me any grief, I’ll just report you to Lynn!! Seriously, thanks to the staff for nomination and opportunity!
  21. I can’t remember the US ever being so drought free. Hopefully the forecasted precip for the PAC NW comes to fruition. Now if we can get rid of the humidity, deer flies and skeeters, things will really be looking up!!
  22. A whopper of a derecho hit NE OH on July 4th, 1969. An interesting part of this storm was that in addition to the 100+mph winds, there were incredible rains, up to 14” in 15 hours. And sadly, 41 deaths due to the wind and flooding. Just a few of the many links available on the storm. https://www.weather.gov/cle/event_1969_0704_fireworksDerecho_Flooding http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/swio/pages/content/1969_flood.htm https://stormtrack.org/community/threads/ohio-storm-of-july-4-1969-what-happened.1576/
  23. Yes, you are correct, and I see how one could have misunderstood the point I was trying to make. I meant that for as long as I can remember, the winter outlooks issued during the summer show above avg temps....just like the posted outlook.
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