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  1. Don't ask. Your question brought this to mind and it seemed appropriate for some reason. 🤷‍♂️
  2. A 4.4 earthquake was recorded at 1050 hrs EST. It was centered in Lake Erie just off the coast off Ohio. Interesting turn of events. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/06/was-that-an-earthquake-that-rattled-northern-ohio-monday-morning.html
  3. After watching that segment, I could have told you he was going to be let go (truth be told I clicked the link before I read your post). He said it right, they are owned by a corporation and his outright dissent of their policies - combined with his encouragement of ongoing dissent from the public - is a fireable offense. While I applaud him for his initiative of sticking to his belief system - nor am I agreeing with the decision to fire him - it is nonetheless a fireable offense.
  4. High pressure system shifting eastnand promoting a return flow from the South (tapping into that peaky SE ridge). This promotes not much in the way of a lake breeze while allowing the southern heat to pump up the ridge into the NE. That being said, I do not see KBUF at 90, but you never know.
  5. And we thought we liked you... Ticks man. Ticks.
  6. I'll say what I said in the Northeast, it's only May.
  7. Clash of the maritime influence and the mesoscale system. The Weather Channel.
  8. Our atmosphere - like other things on our planet - is out of whack lately. Rules need not apply.
  9. Been on these boards long enough to know this is an unfortunate fact
  10. Yeah. Sorry.. Should have looked first How is the back by the way?
  11. This is May. Interesting summer ahead, both tornado wise and hurricane wise.
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