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  1. Bruh, it's called best buy. Go get a window unit. Bruh.
  2. Oppressive. Hell. Forsaken. Expensive (think electric bill). B*llsh*t. These are the words that I think of.
  3. I'm one too. I can't sleep without AC What are you the queen of hades ??
  4. Welcome everybody and congrats! @lynniethelurkerif you get to carry a weapon I want to carry my sidearm!
  5. It is very interesting to note how the UL winds are creating a drying effect thus forcing heaviest rain bands to stay offshore. If those make it onshore, and the UL winds remain the same, there will be significant training of rain bands and places will rack up ungodly totals in a hurry.
  6. That is actually how hurricanes work. They have storms which have the bad winds and then it let's up for a bit, especially on the outer bands. It becomes more consistent, the closer to the storm you become. But even right next to the center, you technically have breaks where the subsidence resides, albeit rather narrow.
  7. As noted by others, a stronger more developed storm goes further West. I am siding with this. I am thinking Houston.
  8. Ok emergency manager time. Folks, anyone along the Louisiana and East TX coasts need to prepare for flooding and the potential for strong winds as well. This will lily be a hurricane at LF, however the flooding may be catastrophic, and yes this includes New Orleans. To prepare I suggest: -Having cash handy -Storing water in the bathtub for drinking (wash the tub first) -Having flash lights and candles ready -Have an extra 10-14 days of medication -Have a full tank of gas and some extra gas cans (take precautions when storing these gas cans) -Prepare for flooding through moving valuables from the basement and/or first floor of your house -Have a bag packed with important papers, medicine and financial resources so you can leave quickly if necessary -Be prepared to lose power -Have non-perishable food items
  9. My bullseye is Houston. It's a good thing I've never been wrong before PAGE TOPPER BOOM See above
  10. Personally, I say shift this 100 miles or so west. All year these models have been underestimating the strength of HP systems. This particularly HP was strong enough to legitimately break apart the LP and push it into the Gulf. Models didn't have this till shortly before it happened. PAGE TOPPER BOOM 98% of lawyers give the rest a bad name
  11. Wonderful write up Cliche. Yes, the HP will determine the eventual track. If the HP remains stronger (which I tend to believe it will), the system we are tracking will be forced over much warmer waters. In turn this leads to the potential for more of a rapid development. The system would then make its way around SW edge of the HP (being guided by the cyclonic upper level winds). I would say that the Houston area needs to monitor this very closely.
  12. I have a feeling a pretty nasty storm will come by at some point for all of the area this year.
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