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  1. Manassas Virginia Snowing steady under yellow burst on radar - won't last but nice to see Temp 35 Wind 2 mph Barometer 30.46 in Visibility 10 mi Humidity 46% Dew Point 22°
  2. I have been following the Accuweather site since 2009 and at first I did not like JD Renken. But over the years, I have learned more and respect him tremendously. As for Undertakerson, the man is the best poster here. I have learned so much from both of them. I think you probably should have talked to them before this post. Neither deserves a warning for all the hard work and enjoyment they provide in making this place the best weather site. JMO. I really like the improved site and all that you do here PM, thank you for making this possible.
  3. Temperatures in Manassas for this event have been marginal for entire event. I drove around town early and was surprised that snow hit windshield like it was raining rather than snowing. When first flakes were seen temperatures were in mid 30's. Overnight expected to be 28 but real feel closer to 30. I have been through big events meaning snows of greater than 20 inches before and these all occurred during really cold weather. So I have between 3-4 inches on deck but the snow ratios are not here for the event. Overnight is not expected to be below 28 degrees. During the big storms I have experienced you froze your butt off when clearing driveway or cars. This just isn't that type of event. Maybe I will be wrong in morning but this is a nice snow event but it doesn't qualify as a big snow event. It is fun to experience but I don't think this will be one remembered beyond tomorrow.
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