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US Major Winter Storm

Big snow maker to cross country into this weekend, join the conversation!


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  1. Sun's out, and it sure is all sparkly and purty...but man, i am uneasy about the wind...
  2. And here comes the wind! Glad to say it looks like my cleaned-off car is basically dry, as the deep freeze approaches. Hope it stays that way! Have i mentioned i don't like this stuff at all? I'd take a foot of snow rather than dealing with the ice. Waaaa waaaa waaaa!
  3. Wow - i have nothing - and i mean NOTHING! - nice to say about what's going on out there. Temp is just 32*F, according to car thermometer; raining steadily, which just means more ice. The clear pavement that was under my car now has a thin sheet of ice, which accreted while i took a quick drive around. This sucks. I really hope we get something of a warm-up before the temperature takes a dive.
  4. Was originally progged to get up to the high 30s, almost 40 today, but now WeatherUnderground is saying 32high. Guess i'd better go do that car after all...
  5. Still raining; postponing the clearing of the car. Feels like it's gotten a little colder out there, but my indoor/outdoor thermometer is utterly unreliable, so i can't say for sure.
  6. Looks like the bulk of the rain is going to miss us wide right - which is just fine with me! I think i'll go clear the car now, before the temps start to crash. So happy for condo living, though; my car is the ONLY thing i have to clear! Topper! What do you get from sitting on ice too long? Polaroids!
  7. Ugh - hope your power comes back soon - that's the worst!
  8. That's a great resource! THIS LINK is to the Eversource power outage map. Eversource covers a good chunk of the NE, and is very specific, town by town, on the numbers of outages.
  9. What is falling is definitely liquid, but it is freezing on contact. Not the best pictures...but the accumulation isn't as bad as it could be. There is wind, but it is still pretty light. Hoping to escape with my power.
  10. Looking at the WunderMap radar, it looks like we've been under the pink for HOURS! And then i see that Stretch has lost power. Makes a kid not want to get out of bed...but i will in a few minutes. Need to see how much ZR has accumulated. Ugh.
  11. Finally snowing in Woodbury; tiny flakes, sticking.
  12. No worries. I was interested in what their current thoughts are, so it made sense to post 'em.
  13. Albany's latest maps, to go along with what Stretch posted. For the love of Pete - i can't make this one go away. My apologies - i'll get better at this!
  14. So will non-Yankee fans. Kevin Maas - one of the greatest never wases of all time! Hensley "Bam-Bam" Meulens, too.