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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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    Teaching 8th grade; making and listening to music; good IPA; Mets/Giants/Jets; laughing; knowing things
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  1. Snowing out my classroom window, and has been for at least 30 minutes. Don't tell the 8th graders; they haven't noticed it yet!
  2. Rain and pretty good fog here. Still an occasional boomer.
  3. Yup...heavy rain right now in Woodbury. This should take care of the rest of the snow pack!
  4. Loving that this is ju-uh-uh-uhst to my north!
  5. Thanks, @Razo. That helps a lot.
  6. Then it looks like my understanding is completely off, then. Neither of the Miller scenarios appear to originate in western Canada...
  7. Please clear up some confusion for me, if you [plural] will: I thought a "clipper" was short for "Alberta Clipper" - in other words, something that comes swooping down off the prairie in western Canada and quickly drops a small-to-moderate amount of snow, and is gone. But you [PV] call this a "clipper deepening off the coast," which goes completely against my understanding of what a clipper is. Help! My head is spinning!
  8. What is the NMM? I am not familiar with that model name - it sure isn't mentioned much in here...or else i just haven't noticed.
  9. Whoa - and there's the sun! Okay, the beauty of the aftermath is okay, i guess...from inside....with my cheese danish and coffee...
  10. Believe me - if i could have sent it your way, i would have! Tracking is fun, it's nice when it's coming down...but the aftermath i could definitely live without. Oooh - a little wind just kicked up and the trees are DUMPING their loads!
  11. Ended up with close to a foot here. A friend in Newtown measured 12 3/4". Definitely over-performed. It's currently 32°, and the great clumps will be falling off the trees soon. Some pics in spoiler.
  12. Good morning, all. Just eye-balled it out the front door. The men with shovels have already taken one pass (ah, condo living!), but we have EASILY 9" here, and it's still coming down! The snow rates overnight must have been incredible to watch! Now they have subsided, and it's just your standard snow. Flakes appear somewhat larger than last night. I'll have to clear my car later, but BOY am i glad i don't have to shovel or otherwise clear this! It looks a little heavy!
  13. Flakes are tiny, but they sure are weighing down my rhododendron!
  14. Weird. There's one off the Rhode Island coast, too. Glitch n the radar?
  15. I've been saying the same thing to anyone who will listen.