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  1. For some parts of the country [*cough*california*cough*] that map looks downright spectacular! And really, most of the country looks pretty good.
  2. Oh my...so many things i might say. How's yer mud?
  3. Okay, here's one for you smartypantses. What is the practical difference between humidity and dew point? How can one rise as the other falls? I get that humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and dew point is the temperature at which that moisture turns to dew...but what does that really mean? :ponders the universe:
  4. Normally i would love to have some rain run through, but right now? It would just increase the swampiness. No thanks.
  5. It's just swampy. Hot [about 83°], freaking humid...my AC is at 70°, and it's nice. But outside? Swamp-ass disgusting.
  6. Our temp dropped almost 10° when the coulds started building. Still reasonably comfortable, even with the high humidity.
  7. Hearing some near-by thunder here in Woodbury, but not seeing coincident stuff on the Wundermap. Hm.
  8. Is this where we're supposed to come to complain about pending weather? Normally, my rule is that one can complain about the cold or the heat, but not both, and i choose the cold. But what's coming our way is going to be f-ing brutal! I am going to stay in my air conditioning for three days and not leave the house!
  9. Don't have much to say here, except that July is being July. If it stays cool-ish and dry i'm happy. Tonight should be lovely. And Let's Go Mets!
  10. Loving this cool, dry, breezy, partly-sunny weather!
  11. I prefer cooler days until school lets out - JUNE 13th!!! - because in my school without air conditioning, the 8th graders are much more controllable! Please, gods of teachers and students, get us through the next two weeks without a heat wave!
  12. I spent the weekend with family on the north shore of LI, and the weather was just stunning! So of course it's cool and rainy today! ;-)
  13. And...yup. Hazardous Weather Outlook National Weather Service New York NY 351 AM EDT Mon May 20 2019 CTZ005>012-NJZ002-004-006-103>108-NYZ067>075-078>081-176>179-210900- Northern Fairfield-Northern New Haven-Northern Middlesex- Northern New London-Southern Fairfield-Southern New Haven- Southern Middlesex-Southern New London-Western Passaic- Eastern Passaic-Hudson-Western Bergen-Eastern Bergen-Western Essex- Eastern Essex-Western Union-Eastern Union-Orange-Putnam-Rockland- Northern Westchester-Southern Westchester-New York (Manhattan)-Bronx- Richmond (Staten Island)-Kings (Brooklyn)-Northwestern Suffolk- Northeastern Suffolk-Southwestern Suffolk-Southeastern Suffolk- Northern Queens-Northern Nassau-Southern Queens-Southern Nassau- 351 AM EDT Mon May 20 2019 This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for southern Connecticut, northeast New Jersey and southeast New York. .DAY ONE...Today and tonight. Scattered thunderstorms are expected to develop ahead of a cold front this afternoon and evening. A few of the stronger storms could produce large hail and damaging winds. Locally heavy rain will also be possible, resulting in mainly urban and poor drainage flooding.
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