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  1. Yea, I did not think the pattern was going to change. If there was a long term pattern change, the ball would have been rolling two to three weeks ago. I am starting to wonder if we will even hit 90 this year at all? Normal temps start dropping in three to five weeks depending on location. I believe the warmest we have been at my location is 86.
  2. I believe when the SOI tanks, Eastern US is cold.
  3. Bad news, get used to it or move. I am in Detroit. In the last ten days we have had three days where our high was more than 15 degrees below our average high. Each of those days featured lows right on with long term averages. Oh and speaking of snow, my hunch is we (GL area) will see flakes about a month to a month and a half earlier than last year. The pattern does not want to push the cool pocket of air out of Eastern North America. The only thing that is consistent is the talk of a magical warm up or pattern change that never seems to happen. I am at the point where moving west is an option because quite frankly I would rather take the risk of being burnt to a crisp than freeze and be wet, month and month on end.
  4. Mid July, at that point Summer is half over. Depending on location, you might get two weeks to a month before average temps start dropping. The upcoming week is more of the same. Summer more likely than not is probably going to feel like a long spring.
  5. 2009 was dry but cool. Featured lower lows, but similar high temps. Half way through June and I feel that we will see more of the same.
  6. My statement was that the western ridge was semi permanent for a 1.5 years. Hence the drought and blob issues. Yes this year was very different.
  7. Lets go back to 2013-2014. 85% of the time there was a trough in the east. Remember "the blob" how long did it take to go away?
  8. I disagree, the western ridge lived on in some form for over a year.
  9. I wonder if it is possible that this summer will represent another big swing in terms of climate. 2012: Relatively normal seasons ended. Super warm Dec/Sept followed by colder Jan-Apr of most years 2019: 4-6 degree below long term norms in summer months going forward for interior NE and Great Lakes Region? Just food for thought.
  10. https://www.freep.com/story/life/food/2019/06/07/michigan-peach-harvest/1382061001/ Well peaches are gone. Seems as if the good ole polar vortex made its mark. Add in the reduction in soybeans and corn this year. I wonder if apples will face a similar fate? On the plus side, the trees in my area have benefited greatly from the rain and cooler weather.
  11. Yea I struggle here. Summer will be cooler no doubt. Anyone telling you otherwise has denial issues. Long term, I don't see how it gets better. I think it might actually get worse. I guess every 4-5 years we are due for a craptastic summer. (2000, 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019) If there is any clues that summer might turn around, you would see them now.
  12. I would not expect a warm September. If the pattern holds, I suspect an early fall is on the menu with late October snow as an appetizer. CPC has us in the blue for the next four weeks. That is one third of your summer, poof gone! I would expect at the best you might get a 2009 scenario where in the 2nd and 3rd week of August it got nice and summery before going back to crapsville.
  13. I agree. Plus August is always busy in my line of work and the chance to take days off is little to none.
  14. I wonder if this could be worse than 2009. Before 2012, things still seemed pretty normal, so even though it was cool in July, August did warm up a bit. If the pattern never changes, there would be no brief reprieve from the current pattern. The only thing we have going for us is that fact that all the clouds should keep night time lows from falling too much. I see a lot of summer days ahead where your high is 72, with clouds and rain, low is around 60.
  15. If you believe the accuweather map, the warm up was supposed to start this week or next, yet CPC has us shaded in blue for next 15 days. Canadien weather forecast stated Ontario should expect a cool/wet summer. Not sure where the accuweather folks get their info, but a week into "supposed to be warm time" is flirting with temps in the low 60's today, that is only 15 degrees below normal. All aboard the failboat!
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