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  1. It's far out, but i noticed that the each model run seems to push it west. Yeah I know, 12 days is a long time to go.... But at least we have something interesting to track.
  2. Just started snowing here in the Poconos. Temp went from 35 around 1pm to 32 at 3:50 page topper Today was a terrible day. My ex got hit by a bus, and I lost my job as a bus driver
  3. looks like not too much melting for a few days - at least for the Poconos
  4. they issued a warning for my area overnight.
  5. that's good for me as I live at the top of a mountain. 1,200 feet up, but that' just a small bump to the roockies.
  6. Here's the Edge. Usually he's not that bold, but feels there will be heavy banding.
  7. not sure where this best fits. An uprising to the FV3 https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/02/14/weather-service-prepares-launch-new-prediction-model-that-many-forecasters-dont-trust/?fbclid=IwAR2kUDNw4pmXe1eaXBER9vT1OWP0u7B98p-oxjrAD00oMSZHKzqT2PuonuE&utm_term=.f59c514ad776
  8. East Stroudsburg, Currently 19.8 degrees - a drop from 23 at 7am - sleeting And now time for a Commercial Break from the current Storm, FV3 384 hour And now back to our regular programming for the current storm
  9. light snow in the East Stroudsburg just starting temp 23.0 It dropped from 23.5 an hour ago DP 17.4, which also dropped. Guess i'll fill the water buckets as I have well water.
  10. looks like one big straw (yes, a BIG PLASTIC Straw) down to the Gulf
  11. don't shoot me, but i think the slop storms are more fun to track.
  12. 18z is loading. here is the 12z F5weather is still having tech issues, so sometimes runs are behind.
  13. was it? just came across twitter, guess i missed the time stamp
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